Secure finance

Team members secure finance


Discuss with team members (might need to brainstorming) and prepare a list of IT infrastructure components SF needs

There are four major elements needed for SF in towards IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure is based on the hardware, software, Meat ware and networks. In the hardware that includes servers, data centers, computer, routers, hub and switches are most important maintain the system of secure finance. Each computer system is connected with the servers and data centers to execute expected outcomes. In the software component that includes customer relationship management software CRM, financial management applications and enterprise resource planning considered in the IT infrastructure.  In the network elements that must be includes internet connection, network enabling support, security system and firewall.  In last network administrator as well as human user that manages IT appliances and services.   

  1. Are there any requirements for backup recovery support? What type of infrastructure you suggest?  

There are certain requirements needed for backup recovery system for secure finance. Installation of backup of system and online support software is entailed in the ERP system to secure the data.   Transaction processing system as well as accounting information system is the most needed IT infrastructure of the secure finance. Integration of such software for managing financial services and support of back system realize best practices to management information system.

  1. Do they need disaster recovery? What type of infrastructure of will they need?

Yes, secure finance need disaster recover to continue its business operations. Disaster recovery planning helps companies to maintain business processes even uncertainty. In the current study of online system, the company might face issues of malware and virus that stuck the operations of company. In this regard the secure finance needs to manage such vulnerabilities in the system to execute best information system practices. Data management technology used to reduce such uncertainties in the computer system. Standardized technology of communication and technology infrastructure recognized to confront disaster and mad recovery in real time. In this regard management information system plays critical role for disaster recovery of secure finance IT infrastructure.

  1. Is agility in IT infrastructure critical for SF, give reasons for your answer as well? If yes which of seven dimensions is important for SF.?  

The agility in the IT infrastructure is crucial for the secure finance, because changes in the IT sector is not an easily task.   The change of IT includes hardware and software systems. Changes in the hardware system are applicable with high cost incurred but changes in the software create challenges for the company to train employees and executed operations with new startups. Enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software could not change with the agility of IT infrastructure.  Thus secure finance faced challenges in the agility of IT infrastructure. The seven dimensions of IT infrastructure for SF includes leadership, technology, services, infrastructure, organizational learning, market and brand. 

  1. Can SF make its IT infrastructure sustainable? How they can achieve it?

Accountability as well transparency is the two major elements in the business operations to gain sustainable operations. For the IT infrastructure sustainable operations based on the managing clients accounts, disaster recovery planning and execution of software management remain competitive in the IT infrastructure.  These operations could be successfully achieved through the effective implementation of management information system as well as transactional processing system evaluates best practice of IT infrastructure. Thus to sum up all discussion about the operations of secure finance would be sustainable if they manages online system of client accounts and give quick response about any changes in the financial services.

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