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Security and privacy


Security and privacy are the most important in current competitive environment that enhance level of understanding and system thinking.  Due to attackers of malwares, viruses, Trojan horses as well as system vulnerabilities creates severe consequences in the system operations. Therefore the need of Security and privacy has immense importance to reveals the best system operations. (Notley, 2011)

The need of personal protection of data   towards employees and customer are the most important.  With the increase in malwares and viruses that poses challenges for IT professional that how to overcome such issues effectively.  The need of Security and privacy insures the system effectives and protected all data in the system and cannot be lost. (Notley, 2011)

The awareness of cyber security is the most significant part of information system that indicates the best operational excellence without any fear of theft. Many of the companies developed security software’s to reduce the cyber issues over the internet.   With the increase in the cyber criminals that has significant gain over the internet and steal the important information like credit card information and point of sale data and used for unusual purposes. Cyber frauds are continuing in increase over the system operations. (GORODYANSKY, 2013)

 These all are the major outcomes of system threat, creates significant importance for the security and privacy specifically for the point of sales information and credit card information.



 The security is consisting on the electronic and physical, in which information security protected electronic networks. Information security reveals to manages the and protecting the networks from cyber attacks like spam’s, hidden code that destroyed PC, phishing and identical thefts. Systems at organization level can be different in working, different in action and different in allocation of resources. The main goal of security and privacy to ensure overall system effectiveness and guard protected, goals are termed as best and relevant one in identifying different nature of system.

Privacy is most important because access and linkages to data availability provides potentially sensitive information like social security numbers, financial information, employee records and POS data, email content and network logins. Administration considered goals of security and privacy as new way of developing what is best for and what is so normal in identified need and go with needed aspect.

Security and privacy goals are being settled down when there is relaxation in defining aspect to be growing.  The privacy means controlling over the personal data and security means accessing the data from unauthorized specifically in the e-commerce industry. The response may allow different system accomplishment with perspective that can give system awareness and managerial perspective without identifying any error in mid way.


Privacy is one of the serious issues in the electronic industry that poses severe issues of cybercrimes over the internet. Privacy enhancing technologies are enhancing to confront the issues in the system operations.  Following chart is analysis the important information regarding the security and privacy in the organizations.

Figure 1: information security and privacy framework


The nature of business needs a new type of security and privacy aspect without any hurdle. The nature of security and privacy means there is possibilities that are being defined as best possible way to deal with complexities of malwares and viruses in the system information system. .

Present statues

The present status of security and privacy is the huge need of updating overall system to reduce the vulnerabilities in system. The system is best in working address that how much it may address issues and how it can negate aspect to be analyzed so. Those issues that are relevant with managerial aspect can happen in such way that it can give what is called as best way to deal system issues like hacking accounts of organization portal system.

The recent advancement in the internet reveals increment in the privacy and security issues promptly. The current status of security and privacy is disrupted that need to be improve to reduce system viruses and spans over the system.  There are issues that are relevant with different nature of information system and show that why system need effectiveness to confront. The systematic issues are more than system errors.

Monitoring of the security and privacy could leads towards worst system thinking and exploitation of various system aspects. Because certain elements are exploited during monitoring system of company, therefore the need of authenticate IT professional who the system without any interference of others.  There is absolute way of doing with system effectiveness and assure that how system can approach without allowing disruption at system

The security and privacy could be disruptive in aspect when it did not consider monitoring aspect and negate monitoring way at other organizational level. Security technologies and data mining creates new stream of research for privacy preserving data mining.   There is no level and decision is being taken as only purpose to grow with business. In start, system can be reflective in allowing why issues should be reactive and how it is possible. The more monitoring of security and privacy entails to insure effectiveness in overall operations of company.  The following pictorial representation shows the relationship between privacy and security in system of organizations.   Sensitive of electronic element is most significant part to recognize ensures of safety in the information system. (Anderson, 2006)

Figure 2: Relationship of security and privacy



The monitoring of system is allow at formal and causal level and assures that how system of privacy and security best in giving reality. The monitoring system means there is almost no exception and retention. For example, there is something that is relevant with system approach of privacy and security because allowing system to be transparent and free creates possibilities of virus and Trojan horses attack.

Future trends

 The need of future information security trends indicates smooth working operations and destroyed the cyber crime over the internet. The more monitoring means system would be yielding and represents according to satisfied aspect. Future information security trends are analyzed in the current competitive environment that provokes the need of security and privacy. The system effectiveness can assure through various ways to come and go but never assure without it.

The infrastructure of technology are so complex that pursues difficult to govern and unable to identify the black box of users. Proliferation of surveillance technology is the competitive edge for security and privacy in the system environment. The purpose of system analysis and handling measures are no way good for business effectiveness. Normally, it is being observed by system analyst that system have proper strategy about security and privacy resources but that previous structure of information security are unable to get desired mea of communication.  

The system is being analyzed in way and assured that how that system is being accepted as best one while identifying system approach. The manager and system management can allow system to take workplace and management information system is about to happen exactly in same way. First part for monitoring is system and way of system for establishing required of system aspect and other is about management perspective.

Both are interdependence between information system and societal process and show why such dual accomplishment reveals systematic way of dealing with security and privacy issues. Malicious action against information systems is increasing as well as autonomous system in the organization prevailing huge issues in security and privacy.  The development of nature towards information security is being assured that how potential layers of data is developing mapping system The more effective nature of security and privacy management can assure with system authentication and its proper utilization..

The future trend indicates that new interdependencies between state and organizations merge that creates critical functionalities in managing overall system of the organizations. The integrated communication technology is enabling the lock-ins for technological compatibility. The issue of integration within information security department can allow tailoring information and represents in developing measurement and their proper utilization. (Olli Pitkänen, 2011)

Figure 3: continuous information security trend analysis


System approach of security and privacy is best in giving what is best in attaining high information security in the organization system. The outcome that is system-centered and provides what is best for system allocation, what is needy according to culture .The approach of security and privacy entails with the successful intervention with allocation of resource and without any issues over there.

Privacy safeguards ensures the capabilities of organizational performance characteristics to attain best practices of IT environment. The system approach of security and privacy allocation of software implication like Norton antivirus software and differentiation with material approach has done for the prevention of data system.

Figure 4: classification of data security and privacy risk


IT management assures that usage of security and privacy with possible outcome can give different way of assurance. The assured system of information security is that which is having transparent system to highlight the significant of security over the internet.

The security and privacy of the data management system thinking is allowing to protect the system of organization. Those principles of information security are smooth in working and best in development that can give appropriate way while getting system approach. The reluctance of security system approach is glaring aspect. Different decisions are possible with future trends of privacy and security based analysis of decisions towards system efficacy.

Figure 5: security or privacy policy


Theorists are about to show that how system can give effectiveness the security and privacy with procedural aspect. There would be only one mindset in future, which showed that what technology can give more outcomes and which is showing fewer results.

The way of dealing with security and privacy and information technology at one platform reveals system effectiveness to retain position in competitive markets.  The monitoring system of security and privacy entails to make more important than the least developed nature of system. Security and privacy tend to provide same level approach in giving and Norton antivirus resources in research and development culture.  The security and privacy approach may assure with environment can impact of severe virtues and spans over the internet. The least environment settings have been discussed in future.


Privacy is most important because access and linkages to data availability provides access to the attackers to steal the information over the internet.  The potentially sensitive information like social security numbers, financial information, employee records and POS data, email content and network logins.

Authenticate IT professional are the main elements to protect the security. The security and privacy could be disruptive in aspect when it did not consider monitoring aspect and negate monitoring way at other organizational level. System approach of security and privacy is best in giving what is best in attaining high information security in the organization. The prevention and protection of system reveals the system efficacy.



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