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Social Work

Social Work Assignment

Section 1: Background Information

According to a report lead by the World Bank it is found that there are around 12.5% of overall world population i.e. around 1.2 billion of people are living under the poverty line. It is a huge portion of the world population including some of the poorest regions; East Asia, South Asia and Sub-Saharan African countries. However, in recent year, this ratio has been reduced at great extent but still a large number of people are living poor life.

Addressing the poverty, the following assignment is proposed to discuss the poverty in relation to the race, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, etc. It is proposed to highlight some of the involving factors that are causing poverty so that these factors could be addressed to control the poverty level.

I believed that inequality is one of the major factors in poverty and this inequality in a society exists in the reflection of racist thoughts, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, class, abilities. Poverty is inversely proportional to the earning opportunities. Therefore, when we see towards a society where racism is concern to interact with people we find that the group which is the target of racists have to face challenges.

In case of poverty relation with racism if we look at the African-American in twentieth century, we find that the black people were not allowed to go to school and even if they allowed going to the school, they cannot attend the same school or other educational institutes with white people. In this scenario people are not provided the opportunities to improve their living standard. Similar thing can b seen in South Africa where Black people were targeted by the white people and there were unequal right for the black people. In same case Nelson Mandela was kept in jail for many years. In such case, the racist target the focus group and make the life difficult by minimizing job opportunities, educational facilities, food and other things. In such cases, the targeted group become unable to move alongside the society. For example, when there is lack of education mean lack of employment and progressive opportunities (Iceland, 2013).

On the other hand, I believe that religious differences also cause a major reason of inequalities that lead towards the poverty. In this concern we can see that in Hindu religion people were ranked according to the their casts such as the Brahmins were the most honoured persons and they always holds the top ranking position in the society whereas the Sudras are lower ranked people therefore all the Sudras had to serve the other casts i.e. Brahmans, Kshatryas and Vaisyas as a servant. This hierarchy of religious division is a major reason of inequality that forces the poor people to always stay poor (EOA, 2014).

Similarly, in many countries people are preferred according to their religion. In this was if we look again at the present condition of India where Muslims are being target by the extremist Hindus and they also force other people to not give jobs to the Muslims and in a recent case they are firing Muslims from their posts by claiming that they are a threat for the religion. In such situation when people are unequally treated in the name of religion, then the poverty increase (RAVI MAGAZINE , 2015).

In case of gender, inequality exists as the male employee are preferred by organizations as it is believed that male employees are more consistent, they are more flexible with their jobs whereas the female employee have more issues as they also have to look after their house along with their jobs. Moreover, female employees required more holidays such as during their pregnancy period. Likewise, it is believed that organization have to invest more on female employees as compare to the male employees. Likewise, the sexual orientation is a major cause of inequalities such as because of sexual orientation, the employer gives extra favour and discriminate the system of progress, this discrimination create challenges as the deserve person is not able to get the rights and it is resulted in the poverty challenges (Kabeer, 2003.).

Section II: Current Assessment

If I compare the current situation of poverty I have found that it has amazingly reduced at great extent such as in 19810 it was found that the ration of poverty in Easy Asian country was around 80% that has been reduced to 7.2% in 2012. According to the World Bank, in 1981 the poverty level in South Asia was around 58% and not it has reduced to 17%. Likewise, poverty has been reduced prominently in American region at great extent (The World Bank, 2014).

I have experienced that after success of civil rights movement, the poverty rate in America dramatically reduced especially in the last 3 to 4 decades. It is because after the black civil rights movement, all the people started to deal with same Laws. One of the major evidence is that the current president of America is Barak Obama who belongs to a black family. After the success of black civil rights movement, the element of racism started to eliminate that resulted in the reduction of poverty as alongside the white people, the black were also received equal opportunities to grow. However, still in many regions, racism is a cause of poverty.

In same way, after the awareness, the poverty associated to the gender factor became reduced at great extent because of the emerging of many human rights organizations. Moreover, as the world is moving towards the advancement, people are realizing the importance of women in society alongside the man. Therefore, it can be seen that as compare to the past, the gender sector effect in the influence has been reducing as more women are working and there are almost equal rights for the woman workers. However, it is reality that this factor still exists. However, as compare to the past factors like religions, gender, racism has been dramatically reduced since the globalization and cross cultural trend has been increasing.

Section III: Ethics and Values Assessment

The codes of ethics that are defined by the National Association of Social Worker are proposed to reduce the overall poverty by addressing the factors such as gender, racism, religion, sexual orientation, class, etc. In this concern the NASW code of ethics can be effectively apply to reduce the discrimination that will resulted in to decrease the poverty in the society by the mean of providing equal opportunities to all. NASW address the social justice, Worth and Dignity of Person, Importance of human relationship, Integrity and competency (NA , 2008).

In this aspect, I proposed to apply the NASW codes of ethics to indentify the core values on the base of the mission of the social work. It will apply these codes to establish a set of ethical standard to reduce the element of discrimination that is associated with the racism, ethnicity, gender, religion, class, etc (Reamer, 1998).

Moreover, I will use NASW to identify the relevant consideration in the professional obligations conflicts and to address the ethical uncertainties arise. Similarly it is effective in case of setting ethical standards through which general public can be treating ethically. I will use it to address the social work’s purpose such as values, ethical standards and ethical principles. Overall, I will also use the NASW codes of ethics to address the services, social justice, Dignity and Worth of person, Importance of Human relationship, Integrity and competence as I believed that such practice are effective to minimize the inequalities in social context that directly reduce the overall poverty (NA , 2008).




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