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Spanner: Google’s Globally-Distributed Database

  1. What is a Google data center and how many do they operate?

The data model of Google is based on the query languages, semi relational tables and general purpose transactions. Schematized tables recognized in Google data centers. A mega store is used by Google company of manage its data. Synchronous replication of data centers initiated to manage data of Google Company.  The Megastore example includes Gmail, android markets, App engine, Picasa and calendar. SQL-query language is the main tool for the interactive data analysis. The Google use megastores for operating data centers. The data centers on typical basis shrouded in secrecy.

 The main reason behind that are the brains behind the technical companies. The search giant Google has shared world photos which are lifting the veil through the massive, amazing and beautiful data centers which are existed around the world. This is based on the domestic such as Iowa, South Carolina, Georgia, Oregon and Oklahoma. When it is considered on abroad basis, then it can be stated that it is based on Belgium and Finland. According to the management of Google when the people and individuals are on site then in actual these individuals access one of most powerful server networks in universe. 

From last 12 years, the company is focusing on construction and development of its own data centers. The search engines are efficient and take several renewable advantages of energy, which are also environmental friendly. The company has its own six data centers in US and three in Europe. Furthermore, approximately, four data centers are under construction in Asia whereas one data center is in construction process in South America. Furthermore, the company also using several co-location data centers. The design of Google is having its own servers. This is because of run cloud services as other companies use in lieu of servers. This enhances a massive shifts in worldwide hardware market. The Google data center is considered as fifth largest server chip customers which is a sign of world largest hardware makers (METZ, 2012).

  1. What is Spanner? How does it operate?

Spanner is Google scalable, synchronously data base replicated, globally distributed and multi-versions. Spanner is the first system of distributed data in worldwide. The number of servers as well as amount of data changes towards data across machines. Spanners designed for the millions of machines with datacenters of hundreds amounts and trillions of database rows.   Managing cross-datacenter replicated data is the main purpose of spanners. Data is stored in the multi version temporal with the big table version.  (Google, Inc., 2012).

The spanner is considered as world largest distributed database. This spanner is used through the Google. There is enhancement of true time API for avoiding the latency problems. The spanner remain helpful and support the Google advertising business. It is fault tolerant related to the large scale outages.  The spanner offers high availability and latency, which is showing aim for 99% and 50ms. When there is concern of operations of spanner then it can be stated that it  has true time API such as automatic clock, GPS clocks, lack of need for global time sync. Furthermore, it is based on locally determines accurate time. The data is stored through directory name space and there is use of Poxes algorithms. 

The shorthand of video conference is VC which is used by Google. When the management  look on screen for desk, fikes then they saw Wilson sit inside the office of Google. They ran VC and the engineer team spanned three offices within different parts of country. Every individual can chat and brainstorms as well as troubleshoot without the moment delays. Therefore, the company has built spanner. Spanner creation is larges and show trouble wrapping their heads. Through spanners, the company is able to offer a web service. The new age of Google database is show part of company online ad system, which make millions (METZ, Exclusive: Inside Google Spanner, the Largest Single Database on Earth, 2012).

  1. Does Google rely on any proprietary data storage or data processing technologies? Do they use RAID?

Megastore is the appropriate data storage that has semi relational data models supportive towards synchronous replication. Solid-state drives (SSDs) are used by Google Company for their data centers.  The two data centers include mean and standards deviation of bytes 1.6 KB and 119KB.

Oracle is considered as second surviving proprietary tape format.  It is based on the 10000d  which is holding  8.5 B raw datas similar to IBM. There is large range of liberaries along with streamline which is about 85000 at the high end. There is holding of 10000+ tapes in single system. This is considered as most famous customers of Google. The tape is considered as archive medium and it is used for the biggest achieves of data around Amazon and Google (Mellor, 2013). The company through the licenses through third party provides certain contents. This is considered as subject to copyrights as well as intellectual property rights as these are owned through the third parties. There is need to liable for the unauthorized usages of contents (, 2014).

The acronym of RAID is Redundant Array of Independent Disks.  The core of Riad features are based  on the server hardware which ensure about the  integrity of data.  This is also considered as fancy word as this is related to the connection of two or more hard disks as these are connected together for adding additional functionality. Google that has more than one disk used for the fault tolerance and in multiple disks does not use RAID. Google Company has their own data centers for manage all data through megastore systems.


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