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Read the following Terms and Conditions carefully.

By using the service, paying or ordering, it is considered that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with them, then do not use the website and service.

Definition of Words:

In the website you will be seeing many words and you must have the knowledge of what they mean before using it;

In the website, ‘Customer’ is the person who uses the services from the website and also places order electronically so to get their need done. Customer is the person who seeks the help of online service in order to get his task done.

‘Writer’ is that the person, that company has hired to figure on a contract basis to supply writing services like essays, dissertations, beneath the services of TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS . This person is like a free-lancer who works on the contract bases in order to complete the task given by the ‘Customer’. This person is actually paid by the ‘Customer’ in order to complete his task before the time.

An ‘Order’ is an electronic request to hire a ‘Writer’ in order to complete his task which is to complete the task with the specific writing skill. Order specifies the scope of labor and alternative needs of the client relating to the writing service. Order can be made according to the need of the task and the need of the customer.

A ‘Product Revision’ is like a review of the whole ordeal that is needed by the customer in order to check if the work is completed or not. They can assure themselves with the help of this service.

 ‘Support Team or Support’ is that a part of setting set up by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  with the mission to help the customers if they cannot understand anything or need instructions regarding anything.

 ‘Order Status’ is the service which shows customers that their task is being processed at the moment.

 The ‘Quality Assurance Department’ is a part of setting set up by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  with the mission to protect and value the standard of the provided merchandise or services.

 The ‘Messaging System’ is an associate degree interactive feature that ensures effective communication between the client and therefore the Writer.

Acceptance of Terms

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  offers the base to let you to use the services of Writers, according to the instructions set up by you, and notices contained during this agreement and any rules, policies, and procedures that are revealed on this website are set up by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS . the following Terms ruled your access to the use of the services provided by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS . You’re signing up and use of the Service relays your agreement to all the following Terms. We have the tendency to update these Terms from. You cannot do anything about that even if we suddenly decide to change them.  You’ve got to read the Terms time to time.

If any user with or without the help of machine tries to take advantage from the website then by the policies set up by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS , we have the proper control to shut his account down and take action against him.

Unless expressly declared otherwise, the Terms can rule the using and be applying of any new instructions that can change the way how the services act, together with the outing of latest instructions set up by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS

 There are some rules, according to which you cannot use the website,

You cannot stand straight on the chains of contracts. If, you are not able to use the website sue to being banned from using the website due to harming the protocols of any website or law.

If someone is younger than 16 but wants to be a freelancer then he has to show the report issued by the security of his region that he can become a freelancer if he wants to.

Services that we provide

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  is like a base where customers can contact the freelancers who do their work by being paid. They can contact the writers with proper skills who can do their task like writing their essay, reports and dissertations. Customers do not have to worry about the payment because we can guarantee that the money is sent from the customer directly to the freelancer. On the website there are many writers with many skills and customer can simply choose the freelance with enough skills that can satisfy him. They can look around for the writer who meets their budget and who they find affordable and compatible to complete their work. In this domain, customers simply have to look around for the writer and contact him.

Anyone who wants to become a freelancer and is confidents in his skills then he simply has to pass some test conducted by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS . They must show the compatibility to be a freelancer on the website because it is not that easy. Writers have to work hard in order to make good reputation and according to their reputation, their stars are based. TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  automatically blocks those writers who don’t meets up to the expectations of the customers and have low stars as their skills. They are blocked in order to stop the clients from being bad hearted. Writers have to provide their additional education information so that they are proved to be legal and authenticated.

Customers can simply post an order by simply following the process in order to place the order so that their needs are met as soon as possible. They can place all the conditions on their order so that any writer who accepts their order must be able to fulfill their needs.

 Once the order is placed then as soon as the writer sees your order, he will accept your job and then it will be his responsibility to fulfill those conditions that you placed on the order. Once the job is complete and you have the writer, by default the writer will deliver all the rights of ownerships to you so that there is nothing to worry.

 You must realize that once you choose to upload or submit the file on our website ad are accepting the similar types of reports from us then you are giving us the rights to use the content. But the license that you provide us is limited to a few actions and that we cannot do anything with it. We basically use the content in order to promote our services and in none other purposes. You have to know that we don’t use your content in any other way and all the rights to such remain with you. However, the license shall remain until the termination of such.

Process of Ordering

Once you have decided to leave an order on our website then you must follow some steps in order to place an order. You have to register in order to place an order and you cannot place any order if you have not registered before. And to register you have to tell the valid email where you can be found time we want.  In order for the registration to complete, you will be delivered a link.  You can only verify your email by clicking on the link.

 If you enter an invalid email address then you will be intentionally violating the rules and terms.

We provide you with service of placing order on the website for free. We do not charge any bill to the customers for the posting of orders on the website. Everything is done by writers on that matter. You just have to order and when writers see your order, they will simply start bidding their cost of completing the task. You will contact the writer whom you find the most suitable and affordable in the given cost for the job. 

When a writer accepts the job, he will contact you to get the specifications of the job so that he can fulfill all the conditions that you have put on the job.

You will have to choose the writer who stands on all the qualities that you have assigned on the order so that now it is his responsibility to fulfill all your conditions. You can chat with the writer and can relay all the instructions to him so that it is his job now to do as he is told to. After he has completed your job, you will have to pay him and you can do this task through our website.

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  uses the live-chat system in the website for the help of customers in order to communicate with the writers as well as the customer support team. Customers can easily contact the writers and the service if they want to relay something. Once registered in the website, messages will come on daily basis in the account to keep the customer updated about every detail.  Customers can simply ask questions in the chat so that they are answered swiftly and clearly by the experts. However, customers are not allowed to deliver any kind of information that may be personal to the writers and are not allowed to ask writers about working directly with them.

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  provides you with the service of tracking of the job. You can keep an eye on how the job is coming along the way in order to see how much the task has processed so that you can ask anything that you cannot understand. You can simply ask your writer to explain the topic or problem and he will be willing to explain anything you cannot comprehend. There is also a service of order that is also provided to you by TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS . Using this service, you can simply keep the track of how much writers have bided on your order so that while seeing the progress you can choose the write you find suitable from the biding and nod at the bid.

 This way, as soon as you approve, writer starts working on your order. You can ask the writer to simply send the first edition of the work and he will send it to you for the reviewing. If during the process of payment something happens like a dispute between the writer and the customer then the payment is held in order to clear up all the confusion. The payment does not return to the card of the customer but is kept in between until the matter is resolved.  Customer can easily pay after the completion of his task. Customer will not be charge if his order is in the process of biding. If writer cancels the order which is still being processed then there is no harm. There are also times when the order is cancelled by default and that is only because the protocols cannot match or have expired.


TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  is not responsible for any kind of issues with the delivery because the deliveries are sent to you and it shall not be held responsible due to the issues that may occur in your internet or any kind of problems that may be occur by you. It is not our problem that your internet is not working properly. It is not our problem that your email is not working properly because all of these problems are caused by you and we have no say matter in this. We have not even a single fragment of doing n it. If it is our problem then our customer support team will help you in the resolving of the matters.

It is by default that once you have paid the specific amount to the writer, all of the rights will be owned by you and the writer will have nothing related to your work and that is guaranteed. Everything related to your order will be delivered to you by the writer. TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  also provides you with the service to hold the payment if you find the content showing the percentage of plagiarism in it. We do not compromise when it comes to the plagiarism.

Revision Service

 If the customer is not satisfied with the completion of work then he can simply get the revision of his task after seeing that the writer has failed to meet us to his conditions. But customer has to apply for the revision before the payment. It is not possible for your payment to be given back because once you have paid after seeing the work of writer; you will not be able to get the money back. If you are confused in the way that you like the work but you also want the money back then that is not possible.

If the customer wants his money back then he must provide with the authenticated reasons for wanting the money back. Your request for the backing up of the money will be then forwarded into the main frame after the authenticated reasons and if the request is approved then your money will be sent back in your account and there will be nothing deducted from the balance but that is only possible if your request is approved. Once the money is given back to you, you will not have any rights of owning the content and you will have to return the content back. If you decline in returning of the content then you will have to present an authenticated explanation.

If you cancel the order when it was in the progress then it will be labeled as cancelled but if the product is delivered in the process then money will be delivered to the writer. And in such case, the status of the order will be modified to the finished and your request will be denied. If your actions do not hold any kind authentication then the money will be released to the writer and you will have nothing to say in the matter.

Once you have registered and have chosen the specific service then by default you agree that you have provided the right information, you also agree to update your information while you also agree that you will not use the given service any way that may endanger the reputation of the writer as well as the service. You have to confirm that you are of certain age that has been mentioned before. It’s our policy that we cannot let any customer who is under the age 16 order our service or become a freelancer.

You also admit that you are any not the kind of person who has been in any kind of crime before because with the highly following of our policies, we cannot take anyone under our wing who has committed crimes before. We cannot take anyone who has been banned from the internet because of the harm provided to the website. We cannot take anyone who has committed cyber crimes before. If we find any kind of wrong information in your account then we have the rights to shut down your account. We have the rights to such because you agree to all of it when you choose to use our services.

Total money back assurance

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  provides user with the ability to request their money back and that is only approved because we know that sometimes the requests of getting money back really authenticated. But to request your money back you have to follow several steps and they all must hold potency in them. You must have the written or paged proof that the content you received is very bad in quality and it doesn’t meets up to your expectations. If you do have the authenticated reasons then your request will be forwarded to the mainframe where it will be processed and they will determine if you can get your money back or not.

The mainframe checks the quality of the document itself and then thinks if it is bad in quality or not and if it is really bad then TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  will be directed to pay you back according to the percentage of the bad work in the document.

VSB provides its customer with many services including the services of contacting. TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  gives the ways of contacting in many ways so that the customers can keep in touch with them through the way they find comfortable. We think of our customers as if they are our family and we try to do our best for them in order to gain their trust in us. Our customer care service is available any time you want to get the information so you do not have to worry but just contact us. You will be contacted by our customer care service as soon as they get the request of getting the money back. If our customer care service does not get your request by any of the means then we will honor you request. We offer you the services of getting money back according to the pages of the task.

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  gives you your money back once you cancel the order if it is not assigned to any writer. In this case, not even a fragment is deducted from your account and you get all of your money back. Then there is the case that you somehow pay two times for a single order then that means that TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  will give you your money back for the second time.

However, if you order two times for the same material then it will be considered that you have ordered two times and writers will begin completing your task and in this case you will not be able to get your money back. If you have done this then you can contact us as quickly as you can so that you can explain the situation and can cancel the order. If you are delivered with the work after the given deadline then you can simply place the request of getting the money back because you will not have any kind of use for it anyway. However, if you have requested then you cannot use the document because it will be ours once you place the request and you cannot bring it to use anywhere. If the percentage of plagiarism crosses the line which is 10 percent then you can get your money back.

However, we will not give you the money back if there are faults at your ends. If you are not able to get the delivery in your laptop due to your faults then we will not be held responsible in such cases. We will not be held responsible if you get low marks in the following assignment. We will not be held responsible in case of late delivery of the task because you didn’t provide the right information and we were not able to reach you. You cannot place the request to get the money back in such cases. You have to fit the information in your head that you have to give the right information because we will have to contact you once your task is completed. We also will not be held responsible if some kind of fault occurs in your connection.

You must know that we will have the rights to get back any chargeback which could be implanted on us by product with payment and party which is third like the funds that are pain from the writers through our website.

You also agree that we could rewind the types of payments like that which are made by you. You agree to share the information when you start any kind of chargeback. Meanwhile, you do not have to pay any kind of money when you place the order on the website. However, you have to pay the money when you accept a writer due to his bid. You have to pay the reasonable amount which is fixed beforehand the placing of order. Once the task is completed and is sent to you, you have a time of three days after the delivery in which you have to tell us any complain or any kind of request based on the revision.  If you do not have any complains then the money will be automatically sent. So you have got to check your order with very care. If, the money is gotten by the writer then the task is said to be completed and that you have no issues regarding the order.

Your money will be stored in your account so that no one other than you has access to it. TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  provides the customers with the service that they can place the request of getting their money back from the account in the six months of placing their order. If more than six months have passed since they gave their last order then the money will not be given back and it will be sent to the mainframe. We provide all the service that are the best suitable for the customers but there also some rules that which we follow no matter what. You have the pay the taxes that are applied on the services that you seek and these taxes vary according to the services no matter what. You have to pay these taxes applied because you already agreed to our terms when you used our service for the first time.


In the case, that when there is a stigma required for the order that you have placed is not common and is rare while also not available then you also agree to give such materials when the time arrives that you give the order. If you cannot comply then that will mean that you have violated the rules and regulations of the website and it will be in our hands to do whatever is must in order to pay attention with the violation. In such case your order will have high probability of being terminated.

 You must realize that when you cause harm to the rules of website in any possible way then you agree to let us take any kind of action that we deem necessary in order to reply with the same force. We will have all the rights to shut your account down and restrict your connect from the website and you will be blocked from every other website.


We know how valued your information is and that is we have made it our motto to protect your information no matter. We only use your simple information and that is also too respect our terms, we keep all of your information in our safe so that is why all of your info is safe with us. We don’t misuse the information and only get your information so to fulfill the protocols of our policies and terms. We only take the information which is general and don’t take anything personal that can indentify you so you don’t have to be worried about being exposed. Since our servers are totally secured, you info remains safe with us. TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  gathers only your name and address of both types and that is only taken when you register in our website. This info is only taken in order to ensure that there is no wrong person registered in the website. We treat your info with our quality care so that your info is safe and your info doesn’t have even single fragment of the probability that it will be exposed. Your information remains safe with and only us. Your info is not leaked to any other party.

However, when you register to the website, you agree to all the terms and policies of the website. You accept that TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  can use the reviews that you post. These are only served to attract the customers. Your reviews will be placed on our pages so that people can see them. However, it doesn’t mean in the slightest that we can use your reviews in any way against you but we can use it on our website.

But, we also provide you with the ability to simply connect our customer care service so that you tell them to block the reviews if you fell threatened by them, that they may harm your profile in any way. We completely respect the wishes of our customers and that's why it's our top priority to simply grant them their wishes no matter what. However, it doesn’t mean that we can just agree to all the wishes they have. Their hopes must have the authenticated reasoning too. If this is the case then there wishes can be completed.


By agreeing to our rules and terms, customers agree that the using of the website is likely a subject applied to all common and international laws. Seekers agree to follow these rules no matter what. Seekers agree that they only will use TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  for lawful actions only. They agree that they cannot use TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  for any other purposes that may harm the reputation of the website or the writer. You have to follow all the rules that are described by the site. You agree that you will not use the services of TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  for any kind of illegal actions. You agree that you will only use the services for valid purposes only. You agree to all the rules that TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  has once you register in the website and use the services. You agree to all the polices that TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  has and comply with all the procedures. You agree that you will not break any rule that TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  offers and once you are connected to the writer, you will teat him and all the other customers with respect and integrity.

You agree that you will not use the website in any wrong way. You agree that you will not even a single fragment of the website in any that can be considered as the fact that you used it and acted against the terms of the website. You agree that you will never act on your when it comes to the terms of TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS . You cannot take any kind of information from the other customers. You cannot do anything that can put the reputation of TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  and its writers at stake. If you do act on your own and harm or violate even a single terms or rule of the TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  then we will have the proper rights to take any kind of action towards you. We will have the rights to simply shut down your account or even terminate it. We can also ban you from ever using the website again.

TOP ACADEMIC TUTORS  provides the services without any kind of guarantee once a mistake is made by you. We will only compensate if a problem is made at our end and we will not compensate if you have any kind of mistake in the doing. We will not be held responsible for any kind of mistake made by you. We will not be held responsible for any kind of mistake made by you and also if you are harmed or harm others.

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