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The Case of Andersen Consulting

The initial culture of Andersen Consulting was rigid and followed the strict methodology. The culture was positive butt very insular. They were not hired the experienced people. It is all inbred. This can be strength but at the same time terrible weakness.

The high management of the company was experienced it was a strength of the company. There was not internal competitive environment and the structure of organization was decentralized.

Undesirable behavior was a big issue. The other issues were in the controlling and integration the resources of organization. Integration is defined the coordination in the firms’ activities, there were no coordination in the activities of this firm. There was no control on the firms’ resources.

It learnt from its previous mistakes and learnt how important a culture has for the growth of an organization. The firm started to look behind number not only to understand the operation of the company but also prescribed fixes for the improvement of financial position of the company.

To make the culture of the firm, high management implemented the   policies and personal goals. After the success in first half of century, company faced the challenge of uniform quality. To improve this, every one played the role to bring out the company from this difficult time.  Company started to pay its taxes and hired the experienced employees.

It changed its structure from decentralized to centralize.  Company started to give training to their employees about the new technology, methods and policies. Company implemented the strategies that gave it the competitive advantage.  

The dissatisfaction among the parties caused to downfall of the AWSC.  When a business does not able to fulfill the demand of their customers or parties it created dissatisfaction among them and it is a start of downfall of a company.

The history was not good of the company, for example, company was not running its financial activities in proper way, and was no paying its tax obligation and was not fulfilling the desire of the parties. Therefore, all theses concept are caused the downfall of AWSC.

Yes, AWSC case described the concepts of corporate governance and internal strategic control.  The firm changes play an important role in the success of the organization. Like many other organization, it faced many challenges in the integration and controlling the business unit.

This case suggest that the firm had a need to change its organization culture the previous culture was positive but it was limited.

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