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Thesis Topics - How to choose your Thesis Topic

How to choose your thesis topic? A tricky question to answer in many ways, but one thing is for sure that if you take your time, consider important elements of choosing a thesis topic, then there is no reason that you can’t a good one. However, it is important to remember that such things need your time, concentration and research. It is not just going easy about things. You need to go extra miles to pull out a great thesis topic, which would be good enough to satisfy the requirements asked by your mentor or professor.

What you need to do?

It is the basic question, which comes to your mind while searching for a significant research topic that what you need to do. You may have a great idea in mind but how would you relate that idea to a relevant and great topic for your research thesis. The first step of this whole process would be doing research in right manner as it is most prominent factor in searching for a thesis topic. If you have a great idea in your mind, but you are looking for a topic to execute that idea, you need to do a lot of research. You execution in this regard would remain the most critical thing as an average idea can be a great one with proper execution. You need to have enough research skills to research your topic with relevant information. You have to spare enough time for this purpose. Moreover, you need to have right set of resources for doing research for your topic. First thing you need to keep in mind is that what area of concern is being an addressed by your idea. Then who would be your target audience for your selected research topic. You need to develop a topic, which ignites interests of other academics as well. It is crucial to remember that some topic may be attractive for some, but for others, they are pointless or maybe useless.

You need to talk to you supervisor or mentor about your idea. Talk to him/her and discuss that what you are trying to establish through your research thesis. Here one thing is very essential for you that you should make sure your topic is not fundamentally opposing to you mentor or supervisor’s thinking. If you get a little hint of that then quickly change your scheme of ideas and look for a changed topic to choose. Your consultation with your supervisor is the most critical part of your research thesis writing. He/she can guide you to the right direction by suggesting some good ideas, information, and data, which you can use in developing a thesis topic, and the completing your thesis.

Remember, your thesis is going to show that how much experience and hard work has been used by you. But your interest level would be crucial for your research topic. You need to think clearly that what things catch your interest in your field of study. Choose what suits your interest level, as it would be easy to move along with your interest rather working with something which doesn’t spark your interest. Make a list of topics, which are closer to your interest, then, review them one by one, and see that which topic has the ability to be unique and what contribution your topic can make for the research field. Moreover, it is pertinent to understand that your topic must have the ability to be tested as research thesis would be considered more reliable, if it can be tested through some methods. Research thesis is not about just giving your viewpoint or analysis on something, which already exists.

There can be many other ways to look for a good thesis topic if you are not sure what to do. Go to internet, search for journals, online resources, e-libraries etc to find out relevant topics to your field of study. Find articles, publications and journals, and then narrow down your search by finding the relevant topics. Now look at those topics and analyze that what kind of research has already been made, and what area of concern still needs attention from researchers. This could be one of the most constructive methods to select refine and unique thesis topics. It is important that you avoid any kind of repetition in your research like if someone has already done the research on same kind of topic, then such topic won’t be a suitable one to choose. You need to assess that to what degree your topic is different, unique and opening new horizons for further research. Moreover, keep your strengths in mind as well. It means considering that what you are good at in terms of your field of study. You need to form a valid question in your research thesis to spark interest of your supervisor as well as your audience.

The other important thing is the expectations of readers that you have to keep in mind while choosing a right thesis topic. You need to establish that what restrictions could be in your research, and what little elements would be good enough to keep the readers interest intact. You need to do extensive brainstorming for all above mentioned things. Don’t chose a topic, which is too complex for your liking or which you feel would be hard to manage. You need to show a lot of patience, focus and hard work to find a suitable thesis topic. Once you have somewhat decided a field of research to be added in your thesis topic, and then look for the relevant keywords to narrow down things. Keywords would help you to define your topic. One last thing to keep in mind for choosing a research topic is to be flexible. You never know that how your research would unfold once you dig deep. You may find that your topic is too narrow and it needs to be broadening a bit, or your topic is too broad, and it needs more narrow focus. You could only do that if you have flexibility in your research so that if you need to do any modifications, you can do it without facing any difficulties.

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