Training and development

Training and development of the employees or the management of Apple Inc or any of the other organization help to increase the performance of the organization. That is the reason that Apple, Inc introduces something innovative or the different. Because this training help to innovative something different, and it the competitive advantages to the Apple Inc. Training or the development help the Apple Inc to optimum utilization of the human resources, it help the organization to utilize the resources that help to incarese the profitability of Apple Inc. It help to develop the human resources, it provide the broad structure or opportunity for the development of the human resources like the behavioral or the technical skills in Apple Inc. These technical or the behavioral skills help Apple Inc to introduce something different from the other organizations. In addition, the most important thing is that it affects the productivity of Apple Inc in positive way that helps to increase the profit ratio of the organization. Training to the employees of the Apple Inc help to increase the spirit of the team. This thing also helps the Apple Inc to achieve the long-term goals or the objectives, when employees of the organization will learn new things then it become easy to innovate something new. Culture of Apple Inc will be better, this thing affect the effectiveness or the efficiency of the organization. In this way, more customers attract towards Apple Inc, and the profit ratio of the organization will increase.


HR is the most important department of Apple or all of the other organizations. Apple have to give the main focus on this department, because it is responsibility of this depart to hire the right people for the right positions who are capable. Organizations have to hire the people who are capable and have the awareness about the demands of needs of the customers, because in this way it becomes easy for them to satisfy the customers. It is the large organization of the mobile manufacturing industry, therefore for maintaining the brand image they have to hire people who have the innovative ideas and have the ability to solve the problems.  This thing helps the organization to introduce the things according to needs of the customers, because customers are the important asset of any of the organization, therefore, it is essential for apple to satisfy them by fulfilling their needs.

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