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Transformational Leader: Nelson Mandela

The historical backdrop of human is loaded with chivalrous identities who were offered some additional normal qualities by the God and by the utilization of these additional standard qualities they have brought great changes on the map of the world by vanquishing land by bearings of streams and they involved the space and they has composed their name with brilliant words ever in the history of the world. In the event that we need to discuss the initiative, there are many names that strike a chord unwittingly.

Considering this I intend to discuss one of the best authority personality that has transformed the living style and give a lesson of Peace to the world not only in words but by practicing it and by bearing hardship on himself that made him the conquer of the only Some parts of African country but in reality he conquered that heart of everyone in the world. Today the world recognizes him from his great sacrifices and his efforts for the betterment of human kind. This greatest leader and extra ordinary human is Nelson Mandela (DeRue & Wellman, 2009).

For the following project about the leadership personality I have chosen to discuss the leadership traits of a Nobel Prize holder named as Nelson Mandela who sacrificed a long part of his life for the rights of Negros not only in Africa, but rather he set case for the whole world, that there is only the mankind that we ought to need to consider as opposed to taking after race. Considering the Leadership trait of Nelson Mandela, this task is proposed to discuss the leadership methodology of Nelson Mandela.

To create an understanding about the Mandela there is need to address the political struggle and leadership qualities and the battle of Nelson Mandela that made him to make chronicled progress not only for the Negros but rather for the mankind.

Chivalrous Personalities are bestowed by God with some extra ordinary qualities that resulted as the betterment of nations constrains the challenging and problematic circumstances to get out from the way before their determination. It is realty that like others, they also have to leave the world however they never died in the hearts of people and their names have been composed in bright words as a heroic personality. Among such heroic personality, Nelson Mandela was one of the shining stars in the history of the World as he is among those pioneers who made nations great instead of making great nations. Most interestingly, he is admired by his enemies as well (Fairbanks, 2014).

 A Negro boy Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 in Transkei, Africa which was basically a poor area. The overall population of the society was biased where White discriminatingly drove over the dim shaded and in like way around then in America White was considered as dominating as that of blacks. Since his youth he had been experienced and encountered with narrow minded people with biased attitude that left significant impact on his life and made him to worry with the social freedoms of dim people. This is the reflection of leadership quality as a transformational leader, observe the circumstances with deep intention and they make his vision (JENKINS, 2013).

In 1942, he completed his education with majors in Law, afterward gets started his practices and a while later transform into a active individual of African National Congress and addressed the "Politically-authorized racial isolation" for the betterment of the Negros.  The maxim of the union was to comprehend the assembly to revolutionize its unjust practices, which were according to the Apartheid and oppose to the human rights by addressing the white and Negros. It was the time of the development of a vision of transformational leader who started to look forward for the rights of the Black even in circumstances when no one dares to think about it (Maharaj, 2008).

In the following time, he started to reflect his mission through his act. In 1948 Mandela found his vision and started his journey as become more dynamic when on the behalf of the leaderships decision National Congress completely challenged the Apartheid way of governing within the country.

 It was the starting time when this transformational stared to emerge and started his journey by defining his vision regarding the rights of Negroes that he claimed to be equal to the White. Since then for the foreseeable but hopeful future, Mandela became the leader of Negros. This reflects the quality of a transformational leader as he has broad vision and he set himself as an example for the other and then by attracting towards him people atomically joins him for the cause (Pallardy, 2011). 

Being a true leader, having knowledge, vision and idea, Mandela leads the Negros from the front and started to move towards the goals and by encouraging Negros to fight for their rights. In1956, in the interfacing of his increasing popularity among Negros and the increasing political struggle for the rights of black, the government of Africa charged against Mandela, which made it compulsory for Mandela to raise his hands and being a true leader he denied to bear cruelty and started to oppose the challenges through eve unlawful activities but ethically legal activities by remaining determined with his aim (Wadhwa, 2013).

After wards the situation had been heading towards the more critical circumstances as Apartheids racist extremism was increasing and in the response of it in1959 number of racists was killed, and now the biased response of government happens and ANC was banned by the government. This event obliged Mandela to changes the methodology of the ANC by fight for the social freedoms of Negros, because a true leader always focus on his goals through legal and standard manners.  In this way he formed an outfitted power. ANC activities under the leadership of Mandela were extended all over the place and that was an exasperating condition for the government and henceforth in a stress of Mandela’s rapidly growing popularity of Madela, government caught him in 1964 and he was sentenced by the court for life ban (DeRue & Wellman, 2009).  

Donald Woods was a writer of the book "Biko" exposed the pre-detainment strategies of Mandela and expressed that only frill movement which was happened then was not to interference monetary targets, though nor he killed or neither included in any killing exercises. While discussing the Guerilla fighting, he said that it was chosen as an alternative to minimize the loss of human lives (Wadhwa, 2013).

The test of the leadership was taken by the oppressors when White people offer him to transform into the bit of government yet he expected to fill in as demonstrated by the methodologies of white people. Being a true leader who never compromise over his mission, Mandela rejected all the offers by the government and preferred to bear the hardship behind the bars. As a true leader has the ability to remains determined and hopeful even when there is no way to more forward because a true leader believes in to find a way by him (DeRue & Wellman, 2009).

A transformational leader always gives deep attention to its followers and thus he won the heart of them and always admire by them. In similar way, even  in the absence of Mandela among his followers, his popularity grow dramatically as he started to become famous and admired at international level in the regards of his struggle and sacrifice for the human rights (Wadhwa, 2013).

In the response of it, finally, in 1991 Mandela’s suffering was over with as his oppressor had to release him because of the globalized pressure and regardless support of his from that spread to the entire world. In 1994, Mandela appeared as a candidate in the presidential election by the ANC and was successfully elected as a President after a great hardship. Finally he succeed to transform the nation and secure the rights of the Black and establish the law of equality and justice (Pallardy, 2011).

We can see the impact of Mandela’s transformation leadership during the period when he was behind the bar, African National Congress kept on moving forward in the absence of Mandela but rather due to the profound relationship of Negros, with their Leader who lessoned them to always remain determined and hopeful and keep on their struggle until their last breath.  Mandela’s leadership reflected when black were found engaged in activities after Mandela's philosophy, these exercises left awful effect on the initiative identity of Mandela as Transformational Leader (Maharaj, 2008).

In general, I discovered Mandela among one of the greatest leaders of the world, who have done incredible service not only for the dark people but his endeavors has given a lesson of peace to all the people of the world and his activities enabled the appreciation of mankind all through the world nevertheless, his style of leadership played vital role in the transformation or a nation.




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