ubiquitous telecommunications technology

Thought Piece Ideas:

6) Given the ubiquitous telecommunications technology mentioned in 5, assume implant devices are developed and implanted directly into people’s brains so they can communicate to anyone at any time. What might a far reaching benefit and a far reaching detriment of this technology be?

Here is how the professor explain the Thought Pieces and how to grade it :

Thought Pieces:

In order to take advantage of emerging information technologies, you have to be able to imagine a world that is different from today. This requires imagination. These thought pieces provide you with an opportunity to develop your imagination. Each thought piece will begin with a question of the form – what do you think about X? Each student will think about the question and provide an answer consisting of their own thoughts in their own words. The answers should be imaginative, interesting and thought provoking. 

Each thought piece will be worth a maximum of 5 points assigned as follows: If you did the basic assignment but did not distinguish yourself in any way, you will receive 3 points. If your thought piece falls short of that, you may receive only 1 or 2 points. If you do receive less than 3 point it will most likely be because you did not follow format guidelines, turned it in on the wrong day, clearly just cranked out a page off the top of your head or turned in what appears to be a first draft. If your thought piece impresses me in some way with a unique or deep observation, or with a clever style appropriately applied I may give you 4 points. This is unusual and may happen for two or three pieces in a batch. If your piece was so outstanding that it stands above the 4s in the batch, I may give you 5 points. This is rare and would only happen when there are other superior pieces in the batch but your piece surpassed them all. 

I grade this way to encourage students make an extra effort on these assignments. If one can get full points for doing the minimum to get by then there is no incentive to excel. And I am trying to provide an incentive to excel. If you turn in thought pieces and consistently get a 3, try thinking a little more deeply about the topic or looking at it from a unique perspective. You may also want to try alternative styles such as a narrative, a case study, or a script if your perspective can be more effectively delivered in that format. Take risks, think more deeply and be unique. It is the secret to excelling. 

Each piece should include the author’s name, the number and title of the thought piece and the date on which the piece is due. Any font is fine as long as it is large enough and clear enough to read. I don’t care about margins as long as they don’t impact readability. The entire piece should fit easily on one page and should not exceed 500 words. However, substance is more important than word count. If you just bang out 500 words and turn it in, it is unlikely that you will receive more than 2 or 3 points for the piece. A better approach would be to think about what you want to say, organize your thoughts in an outline, write a first draft of approximately 1000 words and then cut it back to less than 500 words with editing and revision. Strive for both creativity and substance.

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