Was Robert Eaton a Good Coach?

Was Robert Eaton A Good Coach?

Robert Eaton was the good coach who has all the abilities that the leader coach of any of the organization have. Eaton support their employees, this thing help to build their confidence. With this, he also provides all kind of the guidance to their employees, and has the open communication with the employees. This thing helps to create the strong relations with the employees.

That is the reason that the employees of Eaton freely communicate about all the problems that they faces in the organization. He is playing all of the major functions properly,. That is the reason that the organization of Eaton is rapidly growing. His behavior with the employees us very good, he freely communicate with the employees and give them rewards for the motivation of the employees.

What major functions were missing?

Some of the key functions that were missing in the coaching style of Eaton were that he did not promote the greater competence and also did not give the advice to the employees, although he provide them guidance but did not advice them. Otherwise for creation of confidence among the employees he give the empower to the employees to take the decision according to the situation. He also support to their employees, these were the most important functions that were affecting to the performance of the organization in the positive way. If he will promote the employees for the competence then the performance of the employees increase rapidly. (coachescolleague.com, 2009)

What key behaviors were missing?

However, some of the key behavior that was missing in the coaching style of Eaton was that he did not concentrate on the document performance and did not diagnose the performance of the problems. Otherwise, I think he have all the qualities of the good leader or coach, he effectively communicate with the employees, which is the most important tool to run any of the organization successfully. Another missing key behavior was that he did not have the developmental objective. For the success of the organization, it is necessary that they have the objective and then they have to make the strategies for achieving those objectives or goal of the organization. (Frankovelgia, 2010)

Based on your evaluation, provide specific recommendations on how he could have been a more effective coach.

For the success of the any of the organization, a leader or coach of that organization plays the important role, because coaches or the leaders have some of the extra abilities than the other employees of the organization. Eaton has to properly follow all the major functions or the key behaviors, for the creation of the good impact of the organization. Eaton has to give the feedback to the employees or the other management of the organization on the bases of the daily performance.

He also have to create the good or the strong relations with the employees so that they can clearly communicate the problems that they face in the production operations of the organization. He have to establish the goals or the objectives, then he have to make the strategies for achieving them. In this way it become easy to get success (Domanski, 2013)


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