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Year 2 Writing Activities

This article purpose is to describe the Year 2 Writing Activities. Activities mean co-curricular activities in which students take part in the boundary of the school. School is the first guideline for the students. Students learning start when they read and write in school. Different children come to school with different intelligence level. They read and write in the class. Teacher gives instruction to the students. Students participate in the writing activities. In the grade one, they can learn, how to write a single word. Students pick every instruction from the students and participate in writing activities. The mi purpose of this article is to develop writing skills in the child and teacher help to the students to participate in different types of writing activities. In the beginning level, a student starts to pick the step how to write in the copies, draw book, color in drawing and write alphabets. The teacher picks the different activities about writing for the children and they can enjoy the activities. Through activities, children can get more knowledge and it is a good way to motivate and engage the students to take part in the writing activities.The teacher found different types of stories and tell to the students by demonstrating some picture and students involve in the listening the story. The main thing, which plays a vital role in writing activities. Students can work if they are motivated and their interest is developing. They can easily engage and pick the knowledge. There is a way to tell the name of a color. Like red, white, pink, green, yellow and black. Then the teacher can ask students to write the spelling of the red, yellow and black. Students can write in their copies or notebook. This is a good way to engage the students in a collaboration environment. Tell to the students to recall the counting and learn in order way. Think orderly what comes before and after. It helps the students to make a brainstorming and write the answer in the blank space. There are many activities which help to enhance the writing skills. Demonstrate all picture of any story to the students then ask the question to the children about them. Children pick up early in the education. The sense of learning is very much developing in the field of education. They remember and recall all alphabets and counting in an unforgettable way. Ask top the students how to wash up hands? Which thing do we need to wash our hand?

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There should be a session of the question-answer method. Students recall their knowledge. Collect all knowledge and organize in the ways of story. Give instruction to the students and tell them all manners of good behaving, manners of eating and talking with another people.

Ask students to tell the name of their favorite pet. They can tell you a name of their favorite pet. You can draw a picture and ask students draw a picture in their notebook. It helps to understand the name of animals. In this way, you can also tell the name of fruits and vegetables. It helps to a student to enhance their knowledge.

  • Process of writing
  • Prewriting activities
  • Draw a rough draft of writing activities
  • Revision of writing sentences
  • Write your work on notebooks.

In the process of writing activities, the first step is to the organization the knowledge. In this level, students learn about the knowledge which they can understand and remember in their mind. Then comes development level, at this stage student scan able to develop a new collection of alphabets and making words due to familiar with listening words sound. The sentence structure should be complete and easy in their wording. They can easily understand the meaning of the words. After making complete sentences, teach the students about capitalization of the words. In lowercase and capitalize the alphabets.


After all doing the activities in class, the teacher should maintain the report and save the record of all student learning activities. All writing assessment record keep maintaining which depict the student performance. In the second grade teacher should make rubrics and assess the student's performance. Teacher demonstrates different activities and student picks all instruction. The teacher teaches to the student's step by step writing. Every language has its vocabulary, some keywords. The keyword helps to the students on the way to write a word or sentence. Writing activities help to improve writing. If the teacher helps to the student and practice a word by many times then they easily remember and learn how to write the exact word. Writing is a basic part of education. In the early education, schools pay a lot of attention.

Examples of writing activities

My favorite animal is an Elephant.

  • Appearance
  • Food
  • Habitat

It is the responsibility to clear the concept of appearance: color, size, ears, tail, and snout. Tell about food and habitat. Where elephant live? Ask the students and say to write a line in your notebook. This activity helps to brainstorm of the students. It can also help students in creative writing. A teacher can select many topics which cover little knowledge about student’s standard of education.


Where elephant live? Give some option to students they can choose an option. Like: habitat farm, jungle, and muddy area.

What elephant eat? Ask about food. Like trough, corn, leftovers, meat/fish, grass and other grains. At the end ask students write a short summary about the elephant.

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What comes to write activities about math? What comes after this digit? These types of activities which help facilitate and develop an interest in the students. The students when feeling interested in doing some work. They behave like good students and feel pleasure in Year 2 Writing Activities. School should arrange zoo trip for the second-grade students. They can see the animals and think easily. Tell about harmful and friendly animals. Develop the interest of the students. These are some activities for year two students.

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