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Tittle: Assignment on Foreign Market Adaptation

Type: Assignment

Subject: marketing




Foreign Market Adaptation

1. Abstract of Foreign Market Adaptation

The purpose of this research study is to investigate the role and significance of adaptation practices contrasted with standardization designed for business performance in the foreign markets. The research is a secondary research data which will collect data from the literature review. According to research findings, an adaptation might not compulsory to frequently become a fundamental condition to achieve success. In reality, a company could reduce its disclosure to the foreign market adaptation by being dependent on its foreign business partners, with a purpose to take over the pressure along with adaptation costs (Rao-Nicholson & Khan, 2017).

2. Introduction of Foreign Market Adaptation

The adaptation strategy to take part in the foreign market has been a subject matter within the foreign market entrance. Some researchers have stated that, in order to enter the foreign market, the companies need to adapt their marketing strategy, with a purpose to make sure for the sustainability of the international business operations. Yet, there is no constant support intended for the aspects leading this strategic option, and also about their general significances as well. For this reason, this research made to contribute the inadequate academic arguments around the company’s performance as a result of the adaptation itself by studying situational encouragements.

3. Building Theoretical Models of Foreign Market Adaptation

A sociologically-oriented element of institutional theory discusses the subject matter around gaining acceptability in the foreign markets. For this reason, the companies have been establishing the processes, systems, along with the strategies that would enable them to survive from the pressures derived from their environment. Researchers have been supporting the standardization strategy to survive in the foreign market industry speculate that the companies might improve their business performance in the international business operations by saving the costs and remaining to the similar strategies to be used across the boundaries. In this manner, the companies would able to make sure a high level of reliability in the international market industries. Another study by presented Brouthers et al. (2005) presented that adaptations in competitive strategy to specific geographic zones consequence in better satisfaction for export performance (Brouthers, O'Donnell, & Hadjimarcou, 2005).

4. Development of Hypothesis of Foreign Market Adaptation

Here some hypothesis is developed:

H1: The business performance in the foreign market affected by the foreign market adaptation.

H2: There is a positive relationship between foreign market adaptation and business performance which moderated by institutional distance.

H3: There is a positive connection between the foreign market adaptation and the business performance which moderated by technological abilities.