Effective Practices For Managers And Supervisorss Cja 474

Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Tittle: Discussion on Annual Review of one of our employees named Jim

Type: Course

Subject: Educations


Here we discussed the annual review of one of our employee named Jim. Jim has been working in this company for 9th months, and during these months, he has done excellent work. But suddenly, Jim’s performance was getting down day by day. He comes late daily and does not perform well in his tasks; even he also does not complete his assignments on time. His low performance causes great problems and loss in the production line. The company has decided to hire Jim due to his excellent performance and his intelligence, and the director also thinks that Jim is very good for his company which would eventually lead the company to get success and become famous in the whole world. However, Jim has disappointed everyone with a sudden decrease in his performance regarding his job. Not even a single day Jim would come in time, and he has been delivering poor performance in the company, which gives a bad impression to other employees who are working in the company with him as well. Though Jim is an intelligent employee and very productive for the company, this is the main reason why the company has decided to talk and Jim, with a purpose to motivate him to work hard and give his best to the company as what he did in last 9th months.

So we called Jim to the office to talk to him and figure out what are the other issues that he faces in the company or different environments that create hurdles in his performance. He may discuss with any of his team members to resolve those issues.

“Jim be seated please, today we call you here to discuss some issues that are related to you regarding your job, Jim can you tell us why you come late to the office and why you don’t perform well in office?” I started the conversation.

Then I also explained to him politely, “Listen to me carefully, if your performance remains the same, it will affect your professional and social life, we think you are an intelligent person and work hard with good progress in previous 9th month, and we appreciate your work if you work along with the spirit you get, we believe that you will achieve all your requirements which are good and productive for the company. On the other hand, if you give mediocre performance that is not good for the reputation of the company and your issues provide a lousy message to other employees, then you may lose your job. This definitely would not be socially and professionally good for yourself. So, try to strengthen yourself and come back again in the company with the same spirit that you have in the previous 9th months.”

I have used constructive and positive feedback technique with a purpose to motivate their employees. The constructive and positive feedback is quite similar, and thus, giving positive feedback to the employee will boost up the motivation and enthusiasm. They also provide a way to hold the interest of the employee to express what he wants to communicate with his manager. However, positive feedback reinforces the employee’s behavior to enhance its behavior more effectively, as compared to constructive feedback that had the real meat in the session. And constructive feedback is important to give by the manager to their employees, to assure their performance issues, whether they doing good or not. If negative feedback is given instead of constructive feedback, they may reduce the motivation of the employee. And the criticism pays the wrong impression on the employee, which would lead them to fail in their job (BÅRD KUVAAS, 2016).