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Tittle: Report on Ford Motor Company Automaker company

Type: Report

Subject: Corporations


Introduction of Ford Motor Company Automaker company

The essay is based on the analysis of strategies implemented in Ford Company and to take overview that how ford is working in the market. In commercial world, organizations needs to be competent in strategies to meet the requirement of the current era so that it could be manageable for the companies to compete with the competitors. Besides this, these strategies are also helpful in making development within a specific time period. The paper is also based on the discussion about internal resources of Ford Company which create value for the demand and get customer satisfaction through these strategies. Strategies may be of corporate level and business level, both are enough competent to sustain in the market with competitive advantage. Following are the questions about the strategies of Ford Company which describe the effect of these strategies:

Q1. Critically analyze and discuss the key forces in general and industry environment that affect Ford’s choice of strategies.

Ford motor company is a multinational American based company which is engaged in automaker that has working from Detroit which is founded in 1903. The company deals with automobile and commercial vehicles under the brand, which produces most advance and luxury cars with the name of this brand. As concerned with the strategies enforce in the Ford there must be knowledgeable about the strategy. Strategy means all the ideas and discussions which makes a firm to be a successful unit in the market with these strategies. In general way, there are certain strategic management tools that are enforced in the company according to the leadership style being enforced in the company. To meet the advance challenges of the competitive market there should be leader who must have qualities such as proactive in work, anticipating and can change the strategies according to the time requirement. The work of the organization needs to be alert towards his opportunities, which shows the abilities of the leaders who have the thinking capacity in the work of company. The basic purpose of the leader is having vision, mission and strategic purpose of the leadership (M. E. Bayou & De Korvin, 2008).

In the general environment the strategies adopted by Ford or any other organization are related to the PEST analysis of the organization, which is necessary to analyze in the strategies of any business. PEST analysis is explained as:

Political- refers to the term that analyzes the situation of country in which Ford is being worked. It deals with the policies of the government which could affect the performance of the company such as: