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Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Title: Report on Inventory Management

Type: Report

Subject: Information Technology


Types of the inventories by Wal-Mart and Dollar general store

Two different service companies that are managing the inventory are Wal-Mart and Dollar General. There are many beginners or starters you may say that are not well aware of the word Inventory, so let’s start with this word and then move further. Inventory is a kind of quality that is needed to be used for the future sale. It is basically a resource that is accomplished by any kind of the business organization. Very first inventory that was recorded is in, 1601. This whole process of inventory management includes the planning how to do it, different coordination meetings, safe storage, proper handling and then its further movement. In this process, sale of raw materials is being done as much as possible that are required or needed by the customers to meet their demands. Main purpose behind this inventory method is just to make the performance better of different manufacturing industries. Through the process of inventory, it can turn into the liquid cash. This inventory process or method whatever you may call it has helped many of the companies a lot in saving the money and this is another reason why this topic is being researched deeply now.

Dollar general as well as Wal-Mart both of them use four different types of the inventories.

• They first of all use raw material in this process.

• Second step is the maintenance of the raw material that was selected.

• Third step is their repairing.

• Last but not the least one is the process of supplying the goods.

Both of these companies have the characteristics of a stock keeping unit that is also called as a (SKU). This SKU is about the different kind of items that are stored in the different locations. As every item varies from the other, same is the case with SKU, they also varies from item to item. Let’s take an example here of SKU difference, there is a brand of pens that is same but difference lies here that the package that has straight one count as compared to the same brand in which it has a count of two will definitely have a different SKU.

Analyzing how their goods and service designs are being integrated

Integration doesn’t means that they are not providing goods or items that are not of good quality, but both these companies Dollar general and Wal-Mart are providing goods as well as different service programs that are suitable enough for the customers or consumers. Example of their service designs that they are offering would definitely be the digital coupons that are offered by the Dollar general and Wal-Mart is offering the saving catchers. This savings catcher word helps the customer to click a picture of their receipt and the application would further help the customers to get some discounts from some other store or even earn points which can help them in future.

While in the stores looking for the things, customers often get tired or panic when they don’t understand anything properly. Perk of these two stores is that they have the customer service desk available all the time to help out the customers and solve their queries too. Along with this, customer service desk also helps the customers to return or exchange the stuff with which they are not satisfied instead of standing in the other que and waiting for their turn. This has helped a lot as life has become much busy and people don’t have enough time to wait and wait just for the return or exchange purpose. It has helped a lot.