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Posted By Admin @ Mar 01, 2022

Tittle: Report on the benefits of change management team building

Type: Report

Subject: HRM


By building a change management team all activities will be done appropriately and effectively as all members would be aware of their job responsibilities and tasks.

• Ideas for the content of the training that will take place

The training session will share content about the benefit of change for employees and the improvement of business operations in the organization as a result of the change. It would also include information about the use of new systems and digital infrastructure to reduce employee’s confusion about new systems. Moreover, training will also include activities for skills development.

• Experts who could assist in providing training

Exports of counseling and human resources managers will assist this training program. Moreover, experts of IT and senior operations managers will be delivering training to the employees about new systems and digital information system use.

• Ideas for team building exercises. Provide at least two exercises

First, team-building exercise is to create groups and assign all positions. Then provide them with a puzzle to solve and develop a report for presentation. For instance, lost at sea exercise theme can be used or this exercise. The second team-building exercise is to present a similar situation to all members and encourage them to provide solutions by brainstorming.

• How best to promote the training to staff

Training can be promoted to staff by offering incentives for the employees who will attend the training session. Certificates of the training session can be also encouraging.

• Timing

Training will be delivered almost 2 hours a week for 8-week duration. Time will be set after the launch break.

1. Email to Human Resources Manager

To Human Resources Manager,

In this email, I have attached updated human resources brief for the training session organized to address changes made by the change management plan. In this human resources brief, I have presented several benefits associated with this training program as well as training program exercises. Moreover, timing details are also attached.

Thank you.

2. Email to all Staff

To whom it may concern,

It is written to inform employees of Samson Media about the training program. In this training program, all relevant employees who are getting influenced by the change implemented in the organization will be offered training sessions to update their skills and qualification up to the standard of the company. The training program will provide them with several benefits that are presented in this email.

Employees attending this training session will be offered monetary and non-monetary benefits from the employers and top management of the company. All employees attending training sessions specifically offered to the IT teams will be given incentives and bounces from 5% to 50% of their actual salaries. Detailed information about criteria will be shared by the HR managers in the email.