There Is No Unmarked Woman By Deborah Tannen

Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing is one of the significant types used in business career to help the businessman to make the company most profitable and understanding what the consumer wants. The article discussed different marketing strategies on how manufacturing new products in the company. The company intends to launch a new product in the market; the infrastructure wants an extraordinary capability in its original product (Abratt & Bendixen, 2018). The company needed to be smart and stick to those products that forcing the company to redefine, rethink, and create something new in the market that will lead their company toward success. To creating something new the company needs to begin with the latest strategies as are discussing in the article and focusing on the operations and organizational structures of the companies. The new or unexampled data and use of smart technologies in the products are the turning points to interact with their customers, and these resolutions build up the new open-ended and continuous relationships between company and Customers. Introduced new product the structure, and the data means a lot in reshaping the work and work with different and innovative ideas and functions, including manufacturing, logistics, marketing, IT, product development, sale, services after-sales. In maximum the great collaboration of broad features is required. Amendments in technology, creativity, and intelligent and capable workers are necessary for the new process (Mosier, 2016). We are living in an era full of amazing techniques, to maintain the reputation of the company and get connected in the field of technologies company have to make these ten new strategies that are given below; the company should be connected in the market with launching new products that are made from a broad variety of ideas and activity, generally set the standard for the functional units such as research, appropriate team of engineers, IT department, Human Resource and the finance. And sat the aim at the core which is reshaping the value chain of data. Product development is another strategy for marketing is smart connected products need fundaments of rethinking and renewing the design of the product and transform the product totally into a new product. Data analysis is the ability to unlock the data and use the data as a source of Management, governance analysis, and to drive the competitive advantage from the data. And secure the data for the development into a significant new business (Ahmed, Sheikh, Bhutto, & Memon, 2016). Marketing and sales are the abilities that maintain the connection and make a way between company and customer relationship from selling. To maintain the relationship with company should manufacture only those products that customers like the most. And the company develops those items that customers are demanding off, so they get curious about the new launching product and waited for the upcoming products and wanted to buys them as soon as possible, as you may take the example of iPhone company they work so passionately that their customers waited for their next product launching and they have a good relationship with customers (Abratt & Bendixen, 2018).