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Tittle: Business Plan of Chick-Fri Fast Food Company in Oman

Type: Report

Subject: Business Communications



Executive summary 2

Business details 3

Industry and market analysis 4

Customers and value proposition 5

Marketing strategy 6

Operations plan 7

Management team and company structure 8

Resources 9

Financing 10

Financial projections 11

Risks and strategic options 12

Key milestones 13

References 14

Executive summary of Chick-Fri Fast Food Company in Oman

 Chicks-Fri is going to start its operations in the city of Muscat as a Fast-Food Company. Initially, the company will open two restaurants in two different locations in the city. The company is looking to come up with a unique business model, where customers will not only be provided high-quality food products, but they will also be provided customized food products as per their choice. The company is looking to expand on the national level and looking to become one of the best fast-food brands in Oman in the next five years.

Business details of Chick-Fri Fast Food Company in Oman

 It is going to be a fast-food restaurant which would provide a variety of fast food items. It is important to mention here that Chick-Fri Fast Food Company will primarily make chicken-based products in the beginning. However, if there would be increased demand from customers for any other food items, then our business development team would consider coming up with new food items such as beef food products. In the first phase, Chick-Fri Fast Food Company will open two restaurants at major places in the urban area of Muscat, a city of Oman. It would be preferred that restaurants will be opened near restaurants of any established fast food competitors so that the attention of customers is grabbed. After the first two months of business, the company will offer nationwide franchises for the restaurant, and interested parties will be given a chance to grow with us. For the first two years, the company has a plan to open at least 20 restaurants across the country so that more and more destinations are covered. We are going to do one different thing from other competitors that we are going to provide customized food items. For instance, if a customer does not want deep-fried chicken in normal oil, and he wants his chicken to be grilled with olive oil, then the customer will be given the choice by paying a certain extra amount. So, our purpose is to provide quality, customized and hygienic food to our valuable customers.