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Tittle: Report on Middle Eastern Firms and Supply Chain Management

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Subject: Supply Chain Management




Supply Chain Management and Middle Eastern Firms

Introduction of Middle Eastern Firms and Supply Chain Management

 Generally, the supply chain is associated with the organization of companies, their processes, their operations, functions, and facilities which are utilized in manufacturing and delivering a specific product to customers. Usually, this organization starts with suppliers and it reaches to final customers. For example, warehouses, processing centers, distribution centers, offices, and retail outlets are included in facilities while forecasting, inventory management, quality assurance, distribution, delivery, customer service, and scheduling are included in activities. The management of supply chain is generally described as the strategic coordination and assessment of different operations within a firm with the objective of incorporating the management of demand and supply. Almarai, Emirates Airlines, and Al Baik face issues in their supply chain and these issues can be resolved with effective management.

 Three Middle Eastern firms are considered in this paper which include Al Baik, Emirates Airlines, and Almarai. In the context of SCM or supply chain management, these companies will be discussed and issues will be described which are faced by these firms in this sector. At present, there are some problems which are faced by these organizations and they will not only be discussed but also assessed in this paper. Other than assessing these issues, solutions will be recommended which can be implemented by the organizations to resolve issues and acquire success in their operations (Christopher, 2016).

Almarai Company of Middle Eastern Firms and Supply Chain Management

In this paper, there are three Middle Eastern organizations which have been selected and one of them is Almarai. In 1977, it was established and it is based in KSA or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its establishment, it began to produce products and sell them. Gradually, it gained popularity among the customers and ever since then, it has been one of the market leaders in bakery items, yogurts, cheese, and juices. It is recognized as one of the biggest organizations in the region (Almarai, 2019).