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Title: Essay on Prison Writing

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Prison Writing



Prison Writing


Prison writing deals with distinct favour of literature with widespread knowledge about exercising the ability of imprisoned authors and their impact on the production of knowledge. the themes of Liberation and empowerment in prison writing are confined in four walls with a single space for the writers and authors. this whole space is surrounded by literature for instance Imprisonment calls for dehumanization and ability of knowledge production. prison literature is a genre that is characterized by literature. in such kind of literature author is confined in a specific location for instance house arrest, prison and jail. different programs Around the World are initiated to improve prison writing programs and to amplify the writing of a thousand writers by providing them audience and resources (Watson, Stimpson, & Hostick, 2004).

The main objective of the present analysis is to demonstrate the understanding as a reader about the themes, arguments, and issues related to prison writing. The assessment concludes based on the ability to construct the argument under the specified theories and methods. The research also demonstrates different ideas and approaches that are used in the literature by prison and imprison writers.

The knowledge produced by an imprisoned writer

The literature produced by prison writers can be dealing with different aspects of life such as prison life, memories, fiction or nonfiction, and essay on political warfare. Prison literature is mainly written by American who had a particular interest in revealing the facts of prison and brutality of life behind the bars. In his literature, he asked an interesting question about Society of America (Watson, Stimpson, & Hostick, 2004). This question is "Can these things happen in prosperous, freedom-loving America?". Politically America is dominated and globally reputed as democratic Haven and a land of freedom. In his writing, he introduced some facts and challenging position that the Nation was suffering from (Freeman, 2009). The Reader gets a glimpse of the prison world and how people living behind the bars are spending their life. Authorities are having conventional existence and their fascination is unbelievable about the lifestyle of prison. Besides this another question that he noted that highlight the theme of what happens inside the prison and how prisoners are living their lives. The reader of these writings acquires a complete insight into the feelings and thoughts of the prisoner and from what they want on a daily basis. Tom Wicker described prison literature as a fascinating glimmer about humanity that exists in the world. He also describes the circumstances that conspire the overwhelming force and memories of imprisonment. In the developing world, prison writing is becoming a characteristic of cultural conditions (Watson, Stimpson, & Hostick, 2004). The popularity is increasing with the increase in the number of prisoners. Sometimes the literate elites are imprisoned, and they represent their thoughts and reviews about political and religious issues and solutions. Some of the Prisoners have grown book trade. Despite the liberties from prison writers’ prison was humiliating and dangerous to the health. Many writers raised different questions about cause and effect of how the issue can be reduced for the Prisoners. Nevertheless, the essential understanding of modern culture is also described by different authors and their writing include punishment, history of the reformation, and nature of the crime. The roots of the writing are associated with social purposes of imprisonment, witnesses of the change of prison, prison letters and reforms in the prison rules and regulations (Freeman, 2009).