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Global Sales Representatives

Welcome to Ruby Power Solutions!

Ruby Power Solution is the right place if you are looking for experienced and qualified sales representatives to grow your business successfully…

We dedicate ourselves to help your business in expanding new territories where you can sell and trade your products & services to the new customers. Therefore, this would be a big opportunity for your business to achieve.

For this motive, our company provides 24/7 customer assistance for all of our clients to strengthen a long-term relationship and also interact with the customers daily.

Who We Are (Ruby Power Solutions!)

Ruby Power Solutions started its work as a Sales Agent for state of the art OEMs in the Oil & Gas, Energy, and Petrochemical market places. Our 15 years of experience is supported by an expert team of Industrial Mechanical Engineers who come from different countries, having a variety of skills.

Our company has made its core policy on the basis of providing ultimate care and value to our valuable customers. We never shy away from extending our support to our beloved customers, and they are provided great ease with so many options to choose from. We always carry the essence of passion in our work, whether we deal with customers, employees, or any other stakeholders.

Our qualified Sales team has the capability to identify every single aspect of the gas engine industry. Thus, we have filled ourselves with valuable experience to provide the best solutions for your technical and commercial challenges.

Our Partners (Ruby Power Solutions!)

A company is known by its long term partners, as it gives an indication of its success as well as recognition in the market. We have a variety of partners, who are working with us for years with so much satisfaction. Besides components that are produced and developed by ECI-D, we also cover the full scope of service and maintenance required for gas engines. In addition to this, our company also offers LTSA(Long Term Maintenance Service), reconditioned short & long blocks, and also exchange solutions.

Our Products (Ruby Power Solutions!):

We can operate in every imaginable application requiring rotating equipment, including oil & gas production and processing, refineries, chemical processing plants, steel mills, electricity generating stations, sugar mills, paper mills, plant oil processing plants, and municipal steam and waste facilities.

Our core products are centrifugal and axial compressors, steam turbines, power recovery expanders, and related auxiliary equipment such as lubrication, sealing, and fuelling systems.

Below are the high-quality products that we can provide:

 Steam Turbines (API 611/612)

 Centrifugal gas Compressors (API 617)

 Axial Compressors

 Piston Compressors

 FCC Power Recovery Expanders

 Gas engines

 Lubrication and Control systems

Our Services (Ruby Power Solutions!)

We can cover every aspect of customer support, including repairs, parts replacement, field service, re-engineering, and rerates, and we focus on maintaining customer operations with world-class support. We respond to all service calls with a sense of urgency and commitment. We’re available for the customer whenever and wherever you need us.

We also provide our services in a wider range, such as the provision of the parts or equipment, install them and provide the services of maintenance. In the field services, we provide the overhaul of rotating the equipment and also maintenance of the field, especially in any emergency occurrence such as the long-term service to maintain the system sustainability. In case of any kind of error, the system or machines that need some modifications or significant repairs, we provide all kinds of services and then re-rate them.

We also provide our wide-range of services such as:

 Aftermarket Support

 Parts

 Field services

- Field maintenance and overhaul of rotating equipment

- Emergency Field Service

 LTSA (Long Term Maintenance Service)

 Repair Services

 Modifications

 Re-rates

 New Equipment