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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

tittle: Report on Robotic grinding in manufacturing

Type: Report

subject: electrical engineering




Research Motivation of Robotic grinding in manufacturing

As stated by Ding et al. (1), the multi-axis tools of CNC Machine as well as the virtue operation majorly grind the complex components currently. The mainstream approach for the manufacturing of the parts has been become by the multi-axis CNC grinding because of the harsh operating environment experienced and the time as well as the labour consuming (2). Although, in the depth of the application that is limited in arrears to the following reasons such as the high cost of the exactness machine tools (3), which are most expensive and has a high millions UA dollars specifically for the large-scale multi-axis CNC machine tool, the complex configuration without integrated function of the measurement of the machining as well as the characterized and the manufacturing mode that is fixed by the parallel machining capability as well as the unavailable flexible (4).

 The new ideas are offered by the approach which based on industrial robots for the production of the very complicated components. The robots are looking attractive because of the competitive price as well as the large extendable workspace by comparing with the multi-axis tools of the CNC machines that makes them a cost effective solution to match up the complicated components and especially for those parts which are comparatively have large dimensions (5). The running parameters within the real time based on the information of multi sensor feedback as well as the process knowledge model can be optimized by operations of the robotic machining, the force sensing as well as the machine vision, specifically armed with the powerful sensing functions. The break by using the boundaries of the equipment for the manufacturing traditionally that emphases on just the axis position of the movement as well the controlling on the speed, thus leading for the active control of the equipment on the process. Therefore, it is significant for mentioning that the major barrier for vast usage of the robots within the exactness of the machining is their repeatability as well as the low accuracy for the tools of the CNC Machines as well as a very brief analysis of the tools of the CNC machine as well as those robots which are used for the industry for the machining (6). However, it has proposed a large number of the impactful solutions for the reduction of the positioning the errors as well as the manipulator stiffness within the industrial machining fields (7). The robotics grinding is progressively doing replaced the tools of the multi-axis of CNC machine, as well as the becoming the unconventional part means for the manufacturing. The results of the research of the robotic grinding of the complicated components are progressively augmented during the previous one or two periods, as well as the published journals articles majorly focus on the feasibility study of the robotic machining and the designing or modelling as well as the comparison of the dynamics of the machining (8). It mainly conducts the investigations from the aspects of the robot the grinding path planning, robot calibration as well as the measurement, the control of the force, the robot posture or the position optimization as well as the control of the removal. Furthermore, it is also found, the current ones are majorly expounded for the perspectives of machining robots as well as the properties of the machining which is based on the mobile robot machining, the categories of the operation as well as the robotic chatter machining (9).