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tittle: Report on Electric shock

Type: Report

Subject: Electrical




Introduction to Electric shock

Electricity is one of the safest form of energy as compared to other energies around us. We use electricity on daily basis and one can’t even think to spend even an hour without the availability of electricity. It has become one of the most essential use in our daily life. Along with this as electricity is important for all of us on the other side it can also kill or injure people if it is not being used properly or in a sensible way. Electric shock whether small or not, it can be much painful and one can die within a seconds. This electric shock occurs when any part of the body comes in contact with any source of the electricity and that source causes enough of the current to pass through muscles, skin or even hair. Small ampere of currents are not that much injurious but it still causes a person’s body to shake and even causes major injuries. While larger ampere of current passing through the human body make it completely impossible for a shock person or victim to let go off that object from where the current shock took place. Through this shock, damage to the tissues take place and further the shock can even make a heart to work and ultimately death of the victim takes place. Death which takes place due to any kind of the electric shock is called as electrocution. (Dalziel, C.F., 1972)

In some areas, risk of electric shock is even greater like wet areas. Mostly electric shocks takes place through appliances or any kind of the fixed electric installations. All such risks can be even controlled by using the standards and regulation properly.

Some of the common causes of electric shocks

Electric shocks definitely takes place through the electricity but how a person comes in contact with that source of electricity is the main concern here. There is not just a single cause of having an electric shock but list is long enough:

• There are many kind of the faulty appliances at home which we don’t pay much attention and just use them on regular basis. Everyone should know this that using them can become a source of electric shock at any moment.

• There are many wires or extensions which are damaged from certain areas and they become a cause of electric shock. At times we often leave wires and extensions switched on without even noticing that are they in use or not? Such wires should not be used at home especially where small children are present. (Dalziel, C.F., 1972)

• In some areas, risk of electric shock is even greater like wet areas. There are many electrical appliances which ladies mostly use in kitchen on daily basis and when they come in contact with the water electric shocks take place. Make sure to keep such electric appliances away from water sources.

• Incorrect house wiring leads to different kind of breakdowns and even electricity shocks. Due to inappropriate wiring current shocks start coming from different switches. It is better to call a proper electrician when such things happen instead of resolving them on their own.

• Lightning strike and downed powerlines are also some of the common causes due to which electric shock takes place.

Some effects of electric shock on a human body

Human body is a good conductor and therefore electric current can easily pass through it.

As there is not a single cause of electric shock, same is the case with effects. Below mentioned are some of the effects that can take place when electric shock takes place to any of the human body:

1. Muscle contractions can take place of electric shocks:

Muscles in the human body are stimulated through the electricity. Effect of an electricity completely depends upon the amount of current that passes through the human body and the second thing is through which type of muscle the current travels or passes through.

When the intensity of current is above than 10mA passing through the muscles of human body, it becomes completely impossible for a person to reach towards that object and stop the flow of current through that source. As a result contractions in the muscles take place, now it again depends on the time period if the flow of current is not being stopped it can also result in death. Different muscles, ligaments and tendons can also tear apart from such sudden contractions that take place through electric shock. Tissues are very delicate, they can also get burned if the electric shock is long lasting or the intensity of current is high enough.