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Posted By Admin @ Feb 28, 2022

Title: Some compelling reasons to join a small group

Type: Assignment

Subject: Arts and education


Some compelling reasons to join a small group

Small group ministry has been considered to become crucial for a number of churches. The reason is due to a small group contains some believers would be the best team in discussing Scripture, sharing the desires and needs from each member, support each other, and the most essential thing is, with good relation, every member of this small group will pray for one another. Here, we will discuss some compelling reasons to join a small group in 202.

One thing we should note here is that, all of those reasons mentioned above might not available for us to get from a big church. In fact, you might not find the same chance to interact with one another in a big church. In a big church, there will be lots of people, in which the conversations will only in small and rushed ones.

Thus, below are some reasons why you should join a small group.

• Small groups will bring the church further than Sunday

The big churches have limited hours for you to take part, whereas some of them will only have 1-hour duration or some may be longer than that. To be noted here, if there is a limit for a spirituality of an individual in only one hour each week, then how can they grow properly? Joining a small group will able you to grow by taking part in more occasions to know God more, to practice what Jesus has taught us, and also to become spiritually grow than the church will ever teach you.

• A good relationship will lead to sharing

The modern living standard appears to obsess in collecting some new things. Some people even find that their biggest fear is to lose all the things that they have. In a small group, you will learn how sharing as a tangible indication of your own growth, in which a follower of Jesus will trust that God will always provide what we need for. A small group is really an ideal place to build valuable relationships where sharing is included.

• There are missions in every small group

One of the most powerful methods that the Christians will able to grow with a small group is by working together toward the united goals. A small group might create some missions to serve others such as giving free meals for the homeless people, or maybe provide a warm housing for them as well.

Last Words

Besides some reasons above, the most important thing in joining the small groups is that, the way of life that Jesus has taught us is something that we cannot learn alone. There are actually two types of how Jesus has taught us about life which are: how to grow your spirituality, and also how you supposed to treat others. Thus, not one of these can be learned by yourself. Instead, these two points need practice companions who would give you advice, insight, along with motivation. Hence, a small group is a true place for you to learn properly.