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Tittle: Report on Emerging Markets International Business




Table of Contents


Introduction 3

Emerging Markets 3

Five Characteristics of Emerging Markets 3

Slow Growth of Economy 4

Currency swing 4

Income lower than average per capita 5

Potential for growth 5

High Volatility 5

Why Emerging Markets? 6

Significance of Investment in Emerging Market 7

Risks of raising Investments 8

Risks & Challenges 9

Difficulty Raising in Capital 9

Foreign Exchange Rate Risk 9

Restrictions in Trading 9

Lack of Liquidity 10

Poor Corporate Governance 10

Political Risk 10

Conclusion 11

References 13

Introduction of International Business

The report is about the emerging markets as well as the international business. The whole study is telling about the importance of the emerging markets by giving an explanation of the characteristics of such markets. There are five characteristics discussed in the report. The importance of the emerging markets is also discussed as well as the report is also telling about the risk and challenges of the emerging markets. Especially, It is highlighted that how governmental legislation will be and can be very effective, which can put very strict limitations on the company’s business.

Emerging Markets of International Business

The emerging markets are economies that are growing very fast towards becoming what is called as the developed market. It generally comes into form for more industrialized as well as hold the free market economics. The examples of such kind of markets of which are more advanced must be western Europe, including the United Kingdom, as well as other markets such as the United States. On the other hand, the examples of such kind of markets must be throughout Latin America as well as Pacific Asia regions. It is not yet met or achieved the criteria by the developing economies for being measured developed. They generally have lower levels of the fluidity, less well-recognized markets, as well as the down or lower levels income of every capital. Furthermore, the opposite is factual of the developed economies.