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Posted By Admin @ Feb 26, 2022

Tittle: Why Should Unhealthy Products be Sold with a Warning Label?

Type: Assignment

subject: Healthcare


Proposal Topic: Why should unhealthy products be sold with a Warning Label?

Introduction of Unhealthy Products be Sold with a Warning Label

There are many unhealthy products in the market; however, in the research, there is an indication that there is the need for the Warning Label on the products that are unhealthy for example fast food because there can be issues related to obesity, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. Following the latest trends, it could be said that there is a customer who believes in the organic and superfoods; there is the increasing interest of the customers as people realized the health benefits and not choosing the unhealthy options. There is the need to find out which products are unhealthy and should be given to clients or people with the indication that they are not healthy options; however, unhealthy products are easily accessible in the market and there is advertising to deceive or mislead the young adolescents.

There are several unhealthy food choices for the customers in the market; however, people need to be informed about the Health warnings so that they decide that they want to take the risk or not. Consequently, through labeling the product there is the need to raise awareness to the clients that they can suffer issues if eat or drink product that can be harmful to their health. Several food products are gaining the consumer’s attention because of advertising components. Therefore, this research can be conducted to tell people the harmful effects through examining behavioral intentions, perceptions, and attitudes of the people (Effertz, Franke, & Teichert, 2014).

Public health regulations need to be concerned in this way, as government or authorities need to make the regulation that is important for the customer's attitudes and purchase intention that before buying customers should know that how much harm can be the product is for their health’s or lives. Moreover, advertising elements are raising concerns about products so there may not be possible health issues. Ethical marketing techniques should be used based on some regulations. There are various unhealthy products in the market, thus, the health-risk products need to be concerned or focused as a visual and textual warning label (Effertz, Franke, & Teichert, 2014).

Research Question and Writer Connection:

Why should unhealthy products be sold with a Warning Label?

I have always been inclined towards the latest trends that have been observed in the domain of organic and super foods. With my increasing interest, I started to research the health benefits and affordability of organic and super foods. This led to further examination of unhealthy options that people prefer over these organic and super foods because the unhealthy food is mostly inexpensive and is easily accessible to people. This made me ponder on the question, how we could move our people towards selecting better and healthier food choices. I was once going through a shop and saw the warning cancer sign on a cigarette pack. This idea clicked my mind and I started to think that whether labeling the unhealthy products with a warning sign would lead to having healthier food choices among people or not?

Secondary Questions of Unhealthy Products be Sold with a Warning Label

After I brainstormed more ideas and researched this topic, some other secondary questions came into my mind to discuss:

1. Will warning labels on unhealthy products make people select healthier food options?

2. If anything has to be labeled with a warning sign, then is it really even food?

3. Will warning labels act in the same way as warning cancer signs on cigarette packs as people still buy these cigarettes?

4. Will warning labels act as a movement towards reducing death rates, obesity and diabetes etc. diseases?

5. Should these warning labels/ messages also appear in unhealthy foods advertisements?