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Posted By Admin @ Feb 26, 2022

Tittle: Report on Mental Health in Australia

Type: Report

Subject: Healthcare




1. Description of client population, key needs of group and current service context of group.

Target Group: Mental health is the major issue that face by many people due to many reasons. People who live in Australia want to live their life with full of enjoyment and became as successful person among many others. The mental health issues also arise with this approach because people want to reach at highest position and for this they take additional burden on their mind and in such situation they also fall in any type of mental health issue. Because when the mind become over burden then its performance goes down and due to this the people overall performance also affected. So, target group for this project is from Australia.

Group Size: It is important to select a group of around 100 people from different parts of Australia so that project can include perspective of people from all types of people living in Australia.

Normally mental health issues are found in the people of age 18 to 27 years who are very much concern for their future and for making their future sometime they also involve in the wrong methods of working that effect their mental health and also damage their good thoughts. These types of problems also found in the adults or children and sometime found in older people who spend their life in some specific purpose of face many problems of issues in their whole life. In the mental health problems many different mental issues and disorders also cover but the most common issue related to this problem affect the social interactions, thought processes and also personality of a person in different ways. (, 2019)

As physical illness, the mental issue diagnose with great difficulty. Because people never take this issue seriously and they never feel that they need some mental treatment due to any reasons. Mental disorder has to specific reasons as they can be occur due to environmental, psychological and biological order and also create many problem in the mental status of a person. Some people have family mental problem that move through genes and come to new generation due to any reason. Change in diet or change in brain chemistry also cause of mental disorder. People have to consider their mental disorder in serious pattern and also consider all those factors that become the cause of problem and also affect the performance of the people. People who have to face mental disorder never show their disease in front of all because they feel sham due to their disease and also the response of other people is not supportive as required. There are also some symptoms that show some mental disability in the people and through their behaviour which is different from normal people show that they have some mental disorder and they need proper medication and professional treatment according to their disease. (Fraser, 2005)

Some of the symptoms are impulsive actions, exaggerated sense of self worth, chronic anxiety, erratic thinking and changes in mood. These mental issues and symptoms are effect the physical issue s like depression goes to weight loss, loss of libido and fatigue with many others. Eating disorder also a reasons behind some mental disorder and also develop problem for the people who live with many people and they face embracement due to their actions or habits. There are also time durations that affect the mental disability and after that time the disability may overcome with proper treatment and medication. Short term and long term mental issues may arise according to condition of the person and also consult by the professionals who take better attention on the mental disorder people according to actual requirement and their condition. So people of different group may face such problems and they have different reasons behind this disorder but the actual fact is that mental disability affects the behaviour and their way of life in multiple dimensions.

2. Appropriate key theories of group work are selected and relevance to population group in outlined integration of group work theory and the literature?

Ans: there are also many theories used for the people who have mental disorder and also provide people strong solutions related to their issues. Different professionals use different theories according to the requirement of the people and also according to the mental condition of the people. There are basic six theories that related to the mental disorder and also provide people a better solution for their mental problem because people have issues according to different reasons so for different reasons , different type of theories are utilize to settle the problem and find out better solution for their problems. These theories include personality, humanistic, social, cognitive, behavioural and analytical. With these basic theories many other theories also develop and provide better solution for the people mental disorder. These theories give great focus on the human development through socially, psychologically and behaviourally. These different approaches also handle that what is the actual problem and how to handle the problem in effective way and how to remove the issue with permanent basis. So the person becomes more strong and efficient due to effective handling of problem