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Homework writing of company’s policies

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Terms & Conditions of company’s policies

Welcome to!

Please read through our Terms & Conditions properly before using our complete services. These Terms & Conditions contain all the policies and notes of the services provided by These materials cover up all the terms, policies, guidelines, and also conditions related to all of the packages provided by us.

Overview of company’s policies

We acknowledge that these Terms & Conditions might be quite massive and even give confusion for our customers. Therefore, we attempt to do our best in ensuring that each point that mentioned here is brief and clear. In addition to this, we also like to remind you that once you click on the “Accept” option, it means that you are completely accepting the whole Terms & Conditions stated on this page.

Company Profile of company’s policies is a brand under the Live Hostech LLC which work along with dozens of merchants with a purpose to deliver effective discount solutions to provide the customers and benefit both the customers and the businesses as well.

We aim to support the businesses with partnering together in providing discount cards and coupons for the customers which will lead the businesses to extend their market ranges whole over UAE.

These Terms & Conditions below highlights all the packages that we provide for the merchants to extend their businesses, along with the terms, guidelines, and policies regarding each package. These Terms & Conditions apply to all of our merchants who aim to use our services. For any further queries or comments related to these Terms & Conditions can be delivered to our official email address at (company’s email address).

Our Packages of company’s policies

Package A (discount is given every time, everywhere) of company’s policies

This package offers benefits for the merchants such as:

 Free registration

 Flexible static discounts at 5-95% rates

 Listing on both website and mobile application

 Moderate website positioning starts from page 12 of the mobile application and starts from page 9 on the website

 A 12-month contract

 Listing and exposure on 300,000 Itreat cardholders

 PDF monthly report which contains:

 Web clicks

 Mobile application clicks

 Total card scan

 Total brand reviews

Our terms for this package:

 We require 1500AED for a deposit which will be returned to the merchant’s account as soon as the contract is canceled. This deposit meant to secure the partnership relation and to provide the customer’s accommodations.

 There will be no cancelation for this 12-month contract

 Accept the customer everywhere, every time, without any minimum expenditure

Monthly Star Subscription of company’s policies

Features of this package:

 Minimum 50% discount offer

 Minimum 100AED expenditures from the services

 Weekly uploads in Instagram and Snapchat

 Ads positioning on LED and tablets commercial ranges

 1 Free marketing sales consultation

The benefits offer from this package are:

 A 50% flexible discount offer

 Guaranteed for 200 customers from Itreat

 You can set up the limit for customer visits

 Limitation customer identity, which enables the merchant to moderate 50% avail per visit for each of its customers

 High-rank website positioning which starts from page 1 to 10 of the mobile application and starts from 1 to 8 on the website

 Listing and exposure on 300,000 Itreat cardholders

 PDF monthly report which contains: