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Tittle: Assignment on personality traits of Steve Jobs

Type: Assignment

Subject: Personality


1. Assignment of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs are listed below,

1) Extroversion of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs can be categorized as an extrovert because he is very assertive to a fault. He is unafraid to speak out what is in his mind. The quality of being extrovert takes outgoing attention of the others.

2) Agreeable of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Probably, Steve Jobs ranked low on the agreeableness scale. He is often described as being rude, petulant, famously impatient, and tough with people. He cooperates with others in certain situations.

3) Conscientiousness of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

This personality trait implies that Jobs considers every task to be completed in a well way. Conscientious people are perhaps more efficient, and they are highly organized to oppose disordered work and easy-going process. He is driven by his passion for perfection.

4) Emotional Stability of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is emotionally stable and remain clam and even keel in every situation. He can deal with the issues related to stress and pressure. In this way, Jobs is recognized as a calm person that spent little time relishing the success instead of worrying about the issues and conditions that are endangered. In case of success factors, Steve Jobs did not worry about the success of the iPod.

5) Openness to experience of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Steves jobs are open to take new steps and to experience new services. He is highly open to experience new services dealing with creative, adventurous, curious, and flexible conditions. The two hallmarks of his personality that are openly appreciated are being creative and open to the new experience.He considers new strategies and innovative technology to introduce in front of the world. The services are innovative because he always searches for new services and technology.

2. Five important traits of Jobs about organizational behavior are listed below.

1) Locus of Control of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Jobs demonstrate a high internal locus of control in his personality. The same thing he illustrated in his statement was his passion for building an enduring company that can motivate people to develop innovative and great products. He was never scared of telling people about what they did wrong and how to fix it (Beerel, 2009).

2) self-efficacy of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Self-efficacy is to have a belief in personal abilities, and it is the personality trait of Steve Jobs. He keeps belief in himself to make the process and program successful. He believes in all initiatives that he takes in the company. Jobs had high self-efficacy and believed in the ability to do the task. Jobs relied on intuition and instinct about the conditions that he wants to accomplish in the company.

3) Self-esteem of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Jobs demonstrate self-esteem, which is the extent to which people dislike and like themselves after the self-evaluation. Jobs had undoubtedly high self-esteem, and he can make progress to produce review sessions in Apple. In a company, when everyone is meeting to face issues under the grids. One can find solutions if he has the ability to self-esteem. Jobs is taking initiatives without any hesitation, and he can sort out the solution.

4) self-monitoring of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Self-monitoring is an ability to drive passion for marking elegant products and perfection. Steve Jobs is a self-motivated person who never showed empathetic rather he was inspirational for the others and his fellows at the workplace. His quotes were exemplified in Debi Coleman.

5) Emotional Intelligence of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

Emotional intelligence can be described as an ability to emphasize and cope with the issues. The self-motivated people appear as a bit of mixed bag, and steve Jobs showed emotional intelligence. Steve Jobs was a very self-motivated person and always cared a lot about the opinion of customers (Beerel, 2009).

3. Three components of Jobs's attitudes about effective leadership

Affective, cognitive, and behavioral attributes are the three components of Jobs's attitudes about effective leadership. It can be noted that Steve Jobs is one of the most effective leaders. In this question, there is a comprehensive discussion about his effective leadership attributes. His effective leadership characteristics were extremely simple. The main reason was that he had such a team that was extremely committed and had sound knowledge about different things. In this section, there is some information about his three main attributes for effective leadership. There are many components in the leadership styles that he had used with his employees.

These three components are explained below

The Affective component of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

This component was present in a high amount in his personality. The main reason was that he was extremely impatient and always looks angry. He just wanted that things should be done in a short period of time. He always involved in checking and analyzing the progress of their employees and talked about their mistakes. But he always gave important demonstrations to them so it would be quite easy for them to overcome their mistakes (Cavico, 2014).

Behavioral component of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

For many years his employees had talked about the behavior component of Jobs. They said that whenever an employee made a single mistake, so he got extremely angry and shout at him. but he doesn’t let their confidence level down. Just after when that employee overcome that mistake, then he just appreciates him.

The Cognitive component of Five personality traits of Steve Jobs

It can be noted that he was such an optimist person. Moreover, he knows his employees too much. Therefore, he had complete belief in his team. He always said that my team is able to do anything that they wanted to achieve. He had proper information about the performance level of the employees. That was the reason why he knew that these people are able to achieve any kind of goal for the company (Ismail, Mohamed, Sulaiman, Mohamad, & Yusu, 2011).

4. Do you believe that Jobs's personality and attitudes affected the workplace attitudes and behaviors of Apple employees? Explain.

Yes, I believe that the personality and attitudes of Jobs are affected by the Apple employee. The main reason was that he was extremely rude and never got too much excited. He always involved in giving motivation to his employees. Therefore, the behavior of the workplace is affected. Whenever someone made a mistake, and he always mentioned it in front of the whole employees.

But the main point is that he always gave them motivation and inspired them with different things. He knows that his employees are able to achieve any kind of goal in a small period of time. In many cases, I have analyzed that his attitude and behavior was never good with his employees. But some of his employees were extremely loyal to him and always stuck around him.