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Tittle: Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Type: Essay

Subject: Corporations


Introduction of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is the short form of corporate social responsibility; it is a kind of self-regulating business model that not only helps any of the company to be socially accountable just for itself but I also help its stakeholders and common people as well. Through practicing, corporate social responsibility is also termed as corporate citizenship. Different type of the companies can become conscious of the kind of impact they are having on different kind of aspects of social, environmental, society and economic.

Getting engaged in the CSR literally means that in the common or ordinary course of the business, a company itself is operating in different kind of ways that become a cause of enhancing the environment and a society as compared to contributing in a negative way.

Corporate social responsibility itself is one of the broad concept that can take many kind of the forms at a time depending on the industry or a company. Through the programs of CSR and different efforts being done by the volunteer’s society can get benefit through business while boosting their brands.

• Corporate social responsibility is not just important for the company but it is equally important for the consumers as well.

• Corporate responsibility programs are one of the greatest ways to raise morale into any kind of the workplace.

• Starbucks, one of the famous coffee brand which is being loved by almost everyone is also a leader in the creation of corporate social responsibility programs in different aspects of the business.

For any of the company to be socially responsible enough, very first thing is that company needs to accountable not just for itself but for its shareholders as well. There are many kind of the companies that often adopt CSR programs have grown their business to that point from where they can give something back to the society as well. Therefore, CSR is one of the primarily strategy for many of the large corporations. Here is one another important point, more successful and visible any of the corporation is, there comes more responsibility to set up the trends of ethical behavior for its nobles, competition and the industry.

By now it is clearly understood that how important this program and their efforts are not just for their company but for the employees and stakeholders as well. Along with this, there are many of the companies that now focus on the few CSR categories too.

Efforts associated with the environment is one of the primary focus of the Corporate Social Responsibility. Different kind of businesses apart from their size have very large of the carbon footprints. Any kind of the step being taken for the reduction of those footprints are considered to be good enough for the company as well as the society.

Businesses become socially responsible or in another words they consider it their responsibility through donating money, different kind of products and services to the social causes. As the company gains fame and become large enough, they tend to have many kind of resources that become a source of benefiting charities and many different local programs.