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Title: Essay How do the US and the UK compare health outcomes and patient satisfaction among low-income people with chronic illnesses?

Type: Essay

Subject: healthcare

Subject: APA

How do the US and the UK compare health outcomes and patient satisfaction among low-income people with chronic illnesses?

Selection of the article

In order to answers the particular research questions, the studies are analysed, but only three of them are selected only to provides critical review related to the particular topic. This question is answered by comparing all of these studies of the various authors in order to know about the strength of the topic. The weaknesses of all of these articles are explained in this paper In order to evaluate the exact answers to the question. From the numbers of the articles, the published articles are selected, and these articles are published in well-known journals. These articles are related to the effects of integrated care; Patient Perceptions of Health Care and Chronic Illness and Patient Satisfaction. All of these articles are related to the particular research question, and these are illustrating that these articles can provide extensive answers to the particular research question.

Strength and weaknesses of articles

After reviewing the articles, it has been critically analysed that there are a few of the particular points that must be improved in all of these articles as well as these points would not be repeats in the future studies. There are the numbers of the strong points that are the clear cut answers to the particular research question, and these points must be considered while conducting the research on this particular topic.


Article One: Effects of integrated care

The one most important strength of this article is; it is published in well-known journals, e.g. (BMC Health Services Research). The publications in the well-known journal are leads towards authentications of the articles. The proper format is followed by the researcher in this article. The clear and easy English language is chosen to explore the concepts on this particular topic. In these articles, the models of integrated care are developed which can enhance patient satisfaction. It follows the particular way of the research. The proper in-text citation is used for referring to the concepts of various other studies (Baxter, 2018).

Article Two: Patient Perceptions of Health Care

The publications in the well-known journal are leads towards authentications of the articles. This article is also published in the Well-known journal named; Journal of Primary Care & Community Health. This study is totally based upon the reviews of several other authors. The concepts are explored by analysing the studies of various authors in this study. The specific way of research is chosen for conducting this research study, and all of the requirements of the research criteria are fulfilled in this study. This article discusses the perception of the patients for their socio-economic status. It analyses the socio-economic status that can affect the patient’s perceptions (Nicholas C. Arpey, 2017).

Article Three: Chronic Illness and Patient Satisfaction

One of the most important strong points of the article is hidden in the title of the articles that is related satisfaction of the patients for their chronic illness. The data is used from the national survey of people with different numbers and types of chronic illnesses to examine relationships between patient characteristics. Seemed like other articles this is also published in good and effective journals such as; health services research. The topic of this research is one of the favourite topics and due to its concepts, I feel this is one of the most important topic that must be discussed world widely (Carlin, 2012).


Article Three: Chronic Illness and Patient Satisfaction

There is the various weakness of these articles that must avoid in the potential studies. There is the only single measure that has been used in this article in order to measure satisfaction with care. These scales and measures have seemed like points of the reporting of public performance. For the complexity, single measures are also used in order to measure the numbers of chronic conditions. This study must be used more nuanced complexity measures. In this analysis, the direct control for a physician is not concerned in this article.

Article Two: Patient Perceptions of Health Care

This study is being conducted for the population of the patients in one particular geographic area. This study is conducted for the generalizability to other populations and settings. Another major weak point of this study is that this conducted in various time periods for several changes in health care.

Article One: Effects of integrated care

There are the various weaknesses of these articles as well, and these are; the study has used sample size that is leading towards the inadequate statistical power. It has also offered a few of the concerns that are most relevant to the allocation processes. For the reduction of potential bias, this article is not meeting with particular criteria.

Camporee and contrast of these articles

Important points Article One Article Two Article Three

Objective • The objective of this study is conducting a systematic review for measuring the impacts of the coordination and integration among the social and health care; and services related to healthcare. • Clinician perceptions of patients with low socioeconomic status (SES) have been shown to affect clinical decision making and health care delivery in this group. • To examine how the relationship between patient characteristics, patient experience and overall satisfaction with care varies with illness complexity with the health care system

Methods • Both kinds of research methods are used in this study as qualitative and quantitative.

• Data is collected from the pre-existing sources related to the topic. • In order to identify recurrent themes in their perceptions of care, In-depth interviews with 80 enrolees in a state Medicaid program were analysed.

• The primary source of data collection is used in this study. • Structural equation modelling was used to examine how relationships among the patient characteristic

• A telephone survey in 14 U.S. geographical area

Data analysis methods • The electronic database is used as; MEDLINE; Embase; PsycINFO; CINAHL

• Quantitative primary studies and systematic reviews are collected from the literature of the various studies.

• The data is collected from the literature that is published during the time period of 2006-2017 • The data has been analysed by the structured interviews of the study.

• Most subjects perceived that their SES affected their health care. • A random digit dial telephone survey of adults with one or more chronic illnesses.

Results and analysis • 167 studies are examined in this article as the sample size.

• These are eligible for inclusion

• Evidence of perceived improved quality of care has been indicated by these analyses

• Evidence of increased patient satisfaction is proved by this critical analysis.

• Evidence of improved access to care has been examined in this study critically • The complex perceptions are highlights in this study, and the patients have around how SES affects their health care • Patients with more chronic illnesses report higher overall satisfaction.

• The latter effect increases with illness burden

• The total effects of better patient-provider interaction