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Tittle: essay on the Emotional Intelligence

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It can be seen that Avenger’s infinity war is completely full of emotional scenes. The main reason was the Thanos who was the evil character in that movie. During his chase after the stone, he had killed many members from the Avengers team and also from the guardian of the galaxy team. There are many examples of emotional intelligence from this movie.

 In this report, there is a complete analysis of the three characters of the movie that have faced emotion intelligence. The first one is Star load, the next one is Mantis and the third one is Vision. This report is discussing these characters in detail

Star load of the Emotional Intelligence

From the last two movies of the Guardian of the Galaxy, it can be seen that Star load is in love with Gamora. He liked her too much and also wanted to spend whole life with her. But in the movie, we can see that Gamora shared something with him regarding the future. At that stage, Gamora had used relationship management skill for convincing him about the problem.

The future was that if Thanos picked me up then you have to kill me in any case. At that time Star load was not agreed and refused the offer completely. But then she gave him a condition that if you love me then you must have to kill me or shoot me.

Next Scene when Thanos Arrived of the Emotional Intelligence

Now when the Thanos arrived to take Gamora with him. In that scene, Star load had put the gun pointer on Thanos. Then Gamora said to him kill me you promise me. In that particular scene, Star load got extremely emotional and watched in the eyes of her. Then after this, he used his emotional intelligence and shoot her but Thanos had to change the reality and gone. At that stage Star load had used self- awareness part of the emotional intelligence by killing her infront of Thanos.

Now in the next scene when half avenger team had trapped Thanos by huge planning. Then after this, the star load had to kill him and on the other hand, spiderman and iron man is snatching stones glove from him. Then star load asked him about her girlfriend but he was not giving proper information. Then Mantis replied that he had killed her for the sake of stone. By hearing that he was unable to control his emotions and started to punch him hard. Due to this Thanos puts his glove on and again started to fight with them.

Mantis of the Emotional Intelligence

 She was the charter that was in the team of guardians of the galaxy. She was able to read the mind and its emotions in a proper way. In that movie, she had shown her emotional intelligence skills only two important times

The arrival of Thor on their ship

 In that scene, Thanos had attacked the ship of Thor and killed everyone on the ship and also his only brother Loki. He also ruined his ship completely. Then after this Thor reached towards the ship of their team and smashed on their windscreen. They put him inside, and then mentis was asked to check her. She had analyzed that this person is struggling with huge pain. She had analyzed that this man is not ok and he had faced a lot of problems in his life. During that time, Mantis had used Self awareness skills to understand the feelings of Thor.

When Thanos was trapped of the Emotional Intelligence

In that scenario, Thanos was trapped by awesome planning by the half avengers team that was present on that planet. Then mantis sat on the head of Thanos and using her emotional intelligence skill. She wanted him to sleep and stay quite. But when star load asked him about Gamora. The things got extremely emotional and quite. He was stared to weep a little bit and lost his senses. At that time she again used her skills against him and told star load about Gamora. She was telling the truth and don't want to let him out from this period. But a mistake from star load changed everything again

Vision of the Emotional Intelligence

He was the lastest avenger from the age of Ultron. He was living with vanda and he had come to know that Thanos was searching for the 6 infinity stones then he used his emotional intelligence skills.

When Thanos members attacked on them

In that fight., Captain America and his team played a major role to save them from aliens. Then after the fight, he had used that skills in a proper way. He said that she must have to pick the stone out and destroyed it. But at that time vanda was not agreed with him and she refused. Vanda was not using her emotional intelligence against it. At that stage he used social awareness because he wanted to save the earth from evil Thanos.