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Tittle: Report on Project Management in Healthcare Organizations mind map

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Project Management in Healthcare Organizations

Question No. 1

1.1. Mind Map

In the workplace stress is a major issue. The stress can occur due to different reasons such as the behaviour of the top management, the behaviour of the colleagues, the huge amount of work and emotional disturbances. Working in a healthcare organization is quite tough because there are many activities which the healthcare professionals have to perform. If health care professionals are not going to focus on their activities than serious issues can arise which can affect the health of their patients. The nature of health care job requires its employees to work with full dedication and stay alert in their working hours. Such a hectic routine can cause stress in the employees.

According to the research findings of Friganovic, Selic, Ilic, and Sedic (2019), stress is a common outcome of workplace issues and conflicts. Burnout associated with chronic diseases and interpersonal stressor is critical for the mental health and physical health conditions of nurses and other medical staff. In the work context, burnout and stress are also linked with job satisfaction at the health care centres. According to the research study, the high rate of job dissatisfaction in the nurses directly indicates the chances of burnout and stress issues in the near future. Although, employees working in healthcare organizations having higher job satisfaction level mostly have low emotional exhaustion. Emotional exhaustion level represents the job satisfaction level and future chances of work life stress and burnouts (Friganovic, Selic, Ilic, & Sedic, 2019).

Additionally, research studies conclude that perception of nurses about care and benefits given to them in return of services at healthcare center also influence the chances of burnout. Nurses working in the critical care units and highly demanding wards project more exposure to working life stress and job dissatisfaction because of excessive work load. For instance, researchers have concluded that nurse working in the dialysis wards and orthopaedic wards mostly have more chances of occupational burnout as compared to the nurses who work in the skincare and other simple healthcare units (Selamu, Hanlon, Medhin, Thornicroft, & Fekadu, 2019).

In the above mind map diagram, the work stress among nurses is depicted. The mind map diagram is showing the types of stress, its symptoms, sources and the stressors that cause stress. Through the mind map diagram, a complete scenario of the stress can be understood. In other words, through the above diagram, it can be known which things cause stress and how stress can be mitigated. If the person knows that these are the symptoms of stress than the person can control it on time. If the person does not know about the symptoms of stress than mitigating stress accurately is not possible.

The central point of the diagram (mind map) is workplace stress which represents the stress and burnout faced by nurses working in healthcare organizations. Stress leads to four major dimensions which are presented as the source, types, stressors, and symptoms. Types represent major types of stress that are acute stress and chronic stress in nurses. Although, sources of stress are also two which are presented by real sources and perceived sources. Real sources are those sources which are proved by the research findings regarding influence on stress. While on the other hand, perceived sources are an assumption based which are mainly assumed as influencing factors for stress but not proved yet by the research findings. Symptoms of research are muscular and emotional. Emotional symptoms can be clearly identified in the emotional behavior of a nurse or worker working at healthcare center. Instability in the mood, dismal, and aggressiveness are the indicators of abnormal emotions caused by work life stress and job dissatisfaction. And stressors are external and internal factors such as culture and job responsibilities at the workplace are internal stressors. In the mind map, possible types, sources, symptoms, and stressors are presented to provide a big picture behind stress at healthcare centers.