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1). Introduction 3

MNIST; what its contents what relevant size characteristics 3

MNIST is more challenging than Iris dataset 4

Discuss key algorithm performances 5

2). Multi-layer perceptron and the backpropagation training algorithm in Matlab 6

Build your code up systematically 7

Live-demo a MLP successfully learning XOR 8

3). Matlab that evaluates classification error rate for MLP on MNIST dataset 9

Without a full back-propagation implementation as long as the forward propagation and the learning of the output layer works, 9

4). Features of MLP or experiment 9

5). Conclusion 9

References 10

1). Introduction of MNIST with Multi-Layer Perception

MNIST; what its contents what relevant size characteristics

MNIST is stand for “Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology “. This is the large database of handwritten digits which is used for the training in machine learning and image processing systems. For Classification, learning and the computer vision system, the MNIST is important standard benchmark. From the large dataset which is also known as NIST, MNIST is derived from this, where the NIST has special database 19 that also contains digits, lowercase, uppercase, and written letters. The variant of NIST is also known as Extended MNIST (EMNIST) that is also following the same procedure which is done in the MNIST (Cohen & al, 2017).