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Tittle: Case study on business ethics and managing people

Type: Case Study

Subject: Business Management




Introduction of on business ethics and managing people:

For good business ethics are very much important in the public administration and also conduct ethics according to specific area or country. Between the public and administration the ethics provide accountability. Code of ethics provide assurance about the need of the public receive in true and fair way. But in the public administration organization also some ethical and accountability issue arise that effect the reputation of organization and also effect the integrity of the organization that help to maintain the trust on community (SA, 2015).

Importance of accountability, transparency of operation and employees ethical conduct

According the organization point of view, the accountability, transparency and the employee ethical conduct is very much important and also part of the organization. Accountability means that the reporting and legal framework of the organization and also include the structure, strategy, procedures and action of the organization that help to meet the legal obligation for the for budgeting and audit, evaluate the performance of the organization, determine the efficiency and regularity of public funds with actions and activities, and the senior members are the responsible for all these actions. So organization must follow the rules related to accountability to run its operations in proper manner and it help to explain the whole set up of the organization effectively (Kaymak & Bektas, 2017).

Transparency means that in term of status, operation and performance, financial management, strategies and activities the timely, reliable, clear and relevant reporting must be conducted. It clearly explains all the reporting system of the organization and also provide help at the time of audit to consider the transparency of the organization. Transparency is act as powerful force that stops many illegal actions like promote accountability. Improve governance and also fight against corruption.

Employee ethical conduct means that a set of rule and regulations related to business. It also helps to explain the daily routine work with proper behavior and decision making. Ethical conducts apply on all the employees of the organization and also help in the success of the organization. ethical conduct of the employees are show the acceptable behavior of employees with supportive activities and also require honesty, compliance of laws and regulations, avoidance of conflict of interest and also reporting ethical violation without any kind of fear. (Committee, 2018)

Potential risk belong to all of them of on business ethics and managing people

When these standards not follow within the organization then organization has to face many issues and problems related to the ethical aspect. If the proper accountability not implemented then it means that the strategy not follow, the structure is not effective for better working, and the legal framework of the organization is not strong to manage its all tasks and operations. So it is very important to manage the accountability of the organization because when the accountability is absent then the organization need extra attention related to its strategy and also it never run its functions in proper way. If the transparency is absent then many issue arise in the reporting system of the organization because many employees can hide many important and major transactions that effect the business in positive or negative way and also create problem for the organization in time of audit because no any information of the organization is not clear and all dealing of organization which involve money and important decisions are not clearly mention for the organization (Ricci, 2014). So the reputation of the organization falls in danger and also creates many issues that arise problem during the dealing of the organization in the local and international level.

Employees’ ethical conduct is important in such terms as it provide a complete rules and set of regulations that how to act in every situation and what are their limitations and how they act and perform its activities within the organization. Behavior of the employees if not according to environment of the organization then they never meets the target of the organization and they never work according to criteria of the organization that help to manage the activities of the organization. Also the organization face problems when it’s all employees are not supportive and act in favor of the organization. (Whitton, 2017)

How these standards achieved and monitor

 This is very important to monitor such standards and determine their implementation in the organization. Because with the accountability, transparency and code of ethics, no any organization can run its operations and organization ever get support towards their employees. Accountability must be develop according to the requirement and standard of the organization so it explain what is the actual structure of the organization and how the employees and other management act in this structure according to roles and responsibilities (Evans, 2016). How the strategies can be achievable in good manner, this will discuss within the organization to achieve its targets and objectives.