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Tittle: Essay on School can often seem like a tough work: a set of responsibilities, obligations, and tasks to be completed. But Trustee Scholars are creative and curious, rather than merely dutiful. Give us a glimpse of an intellectual pursuit or challenge that absorbs you, gives you joy, or provokes your curiosity, and tell us why.

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Speaking of intellectual aspiration, I decided to accept a certain challenge that is directly related to education at school and my future. In other words, the challenge of how you can efficiently and competently manage time in the last year of school. I would not say that the school in my case exerted a huge load on my time management, however, in combination with preparation for entering the university and everything else, everything becomes difficult to manage. As for obligations, the school also exerts great pressure on diligent students, examining each test of the UNT exam, which tests the student's knowledge in five areas of study.

The last school year plays a significant role in choosing your future academic path. I began to think about higher education earlier than my peers. Knowing that the future lies in advanced society and technology, I began to look for several ways to get quality education.

The road to success is indeed tough and the preparation stage is enough give a picture about it. This long journey consists of different levels; a lot of important actions need to be done, not to mention that you cannot forget about school. My challenge is to succeed, not forgetting about the social life at school, about the responsibilities imposed on me as an exemplary student, and carefully preparing for admission to the university while passing all the necessary exams. All this requires a lot of patience, emotional stability, and resistance to potential failures.

Learning well is not just doing your homework on time. It is about being active in the lessons, and I believe students are not afraid to prove themselves even if they are not sure of the correctness of their answer. They are willing to do this just to discover their abilities and test themselves. After all, those pupils who willingly chase after knowledge, actively participate not only in lessons but also in various competitions and social life of the school.

In my school life, participation in competitions is considered quite important. From a very young age, I was told that participation in the Olympiads is just a test of myself but I understood that this is how I develop my stamina not only in the academic setting but also on a personal level.

For the effectiveness of promotion in school, I became interested in the book, “80/20 Strategy.” The 80 by 20 strategy is a whole operating system that can be used in any area of your life. If you are focusing on the key facts of a particular activity, you can save both energy and time while getting the maximum result. Thanks to this strategy, I learned how to set priorities correctly, which, I am sure, will also help in my future endeavors. This book itself helps me to cope with the difficulties that stand in my way and be closer to achieving my objectives.

In order to reach your height, you will need such qualities as responsiveness, activity, flexibility, and the ability to be decisive and responsible. And it is precisely the last school year that will morally prepare us to live these very skills that will be needed in a big world.