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Tittle: Report on Renault Automobile manufacturer in French

Type: Report

Subject: Electrical / business




Introduction Renault Automobile manufacturer in French:

Renault Car Company is a well known and famous French automobile and manufacturer of the motor carrier. It works under the control of the French government. Its headquarters located in Boulogne-Billancourt and also the largest exporter and manufacturer of motor vehicles. The original firm named Renault brothers was developed by Louis Renault and they develop a minicar at home which was the beginning of the innovative and novelty of automobiles. In 1899, the firm receives its first order and after that, they also won many competitions related to car racing due to the excellent making of cars. They launched an awesome string of wins that promote the name of these brothers and they become famous in the automobile industry.

They adopt mass production techniques and in 1905 they receive an order of 25 taxis. After a few years, the company is known as the Louis Renault automobile company. They also manufacture tanks, shells, ambulances, stretchers, and trucks during the First World War. They also assess the gap in the automobile industry between the American factories and the European automobile industry. Ford had already entered the era of customers and the due to mass production of reasonable cars, their purchase also increase and a positive effect show on the economy. In 1929, during the economic crisis, the company tries to minimize its additional cost and also utilize its resources most effectively. (

In the Second World War, the company also faces a conflict with Germany and they join the cause of Germany. And in 1945, they nationalized the company. After that, the Renault Company also implemented new production sites and modernized its plans. In France, the post-war also move to the emergency of great competition between Renault and Citroen. Renault fails To conquer the American market between 1950 and 1975. And the Renault was launched with international expansion. Renault faces the largest success with the 4CV as discreet and inexpensive ‘everyman’s vehicles’. To revive the country automotive industry, small cars were the best way according to Renault. Through 1961, its mass production starts launching and continuous. The development of the firm appears in the rally racing and also in the automobile market. They launched the car as ‘car for life 'for racing purposes and obtain a large number of victories in the motor racing field.

The ascension of the company symbolized in 1980. The interest of Renault grown up in the motorsports and develop new upmarket models for increasing the growth of the car. After that company face many financial issues and losing huge money but the company put the drastic cost-cutting policy and met its profitable level in 1987. In 1992, the company brought major changes and they try to merge with the Volvo but they never succeed. So the French government overtakes the company management and then the Renault become the brand profile and also become international leaders of the market of the automobile industry. (

External factor evaluation Matrix Renault Automobile manufacturer in French

Renault Car Company is a very famous and well-known company in the automobile industry. To determine the external factors, the company also utilizes the matrix of EFE that means an external factor evaluation matrix to determine its external factors and the opportunities and threats related to these factors. This is a strategic tool to identify the external environment of the company and also identify the threats and opportunities of the company effectively. These factors may affect the performance of the company and different tools like porter's five forces or competitive profile matrix also used to develop a strong idea for protecting the company. These different opportunities and threats are determined by observing the external environment of the Renault company and then rating that elements according to their worth and also weight them according to their effects on the company.

Weight is shown in the range of 0.0 to 1.0 according to its importance on the company. Related to opportunities, the weight explains how much the factor gives benefit to the industry according to its worth. Because all factors never give the same benefit to the company to weight should determine to check their importance but the sum of all the factors must be 1.0, every factor has its unique importance and these estimations are helping tool for making the company successful because only these factors never provide assurance about the company and its success. Weight has a different meaning for the threats and opportunities and also helps the company to determine these factors according to the company's requirement and their needs. (

 The rating has different meanings according to the requirement of the company. In an external matrix, rating means that how the current strategy of the company response to the threats and opportunities of the company and how the results move in an upward direction. In rating 1 till 4 numbers are used according to their response to the strategy. 4 means superior response, 3 means above-average response, 2 means average response, and 1 means poor response. So the rating and weight must be assigned to each factor according to its importance and proper response to the strategy of the company. PEST analysis also utilizes by the company to determine its external factors that affect the company according to threats and opportunities and how they become beneficial for the company.