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Posted By Admin @ Feb 26, 2022

Tittle: Essay on painting of Cleopatra

Type: essay

Subject: Arts and educations


The image provided for the essay purposes is a nineteenth-century painting of Cleopatra by the French artist Alexandre Cabanel. Cleopatra’s reputation is narrated by the painting. Cleopatra was the Egyptian queen who ruled Egypt in 69 B.C. The painting is telling about the authority as well as the power of the queen.

If we talk about the authorities of the queen then it can be said that she had been the women with so much powers as well as the authority. As far as the politics is concerned, she also had the capabilities to better serve the purpose. By birth she was awarded with the said power and the authorities. The whole eastern Mediterranean coast was managed by the queen.

The painting is better narrating the authority as well as the power of the queen. She always wanted to enjoy the moments of life and wanted to have the fun from the life. In the given picture, she is having an insight to the people who are seeking for the help from the queen of the time.

This picture is narrating about all the things which are shown at some point of time in TV series, magazines, newspapers, documentaries, as well as historical movies along with the videos. If we take the Eastern side, then the lady with powers had the strong hold on the Egyptian territories. She built the attractive empire due to her love with the nature and the designs.

Cleopatra’s reputation is shown by the painting. The painting is in koninklijk museum voorschonekunstenAntwerpen. It had the accession number 1505. The painting is titled as Cleopatra. This is the painting of the time when the queen ruled in Egypt along with her brother and mark Antony.

The ancient Arabic, Roman and Greek sources showed some similarities with the picture about which this essay is written. The building infrastructures of the picture and the Greeks are the similar. This is the major similarity which I found related to the picture given. It helps to exemplify the objects of the picture with the Arabic empire, Greeks and Romans who intended to make their empire more beautiful & attractive.

 The historical places as well as the pictures of Greeks & Arabic can better be seen in order to find the similarities with the objects of the picture. The picture is purely depicting the powers as well as the authorities of the Queen. The thing which I found missing is about the friends, & lovers as well as the close relations of the Queen.

 The people who supported the Queen to remain in power are her brother, Julius Guise Caesar, & Mark Antony. The people of Egypt did not show respect for the Queen because she got married with many men even with her brother. The only thing that got over her mind is the fame and the power. For the said purpose, she tried her level best to use the available resources.