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Tittle: Introduction of The Cons of Captivating Animals in the Zoos

Type: Report

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There are varying official names for the zoos. They are also known as the “animal parks”, “zoological gardens” or “menageries”. The zoos provide the visitors with the chance to view different animals at a single place. There exist many breeding programs that better help in the elimination of the genetic bottlenecks. It is helpful especially for the endangered species.

The existence of the zoos is proved from the documentaries. They have been the significant part of the human history. In Egypt, the existence of the oldest zoo is confirmed. It is believed that this zoo had its existence in 3,500 B.C. For this location proves has been provide for the existence of the baboons, hippopotami as well as the wildcats etc (peta, 2019).

In case a local zoo exists it provides the people to learn more about the animals as well as the nature. This is the way to engage the children more to science as well as nature. As far as the disadvantages are concerned, the available resources can be manipulated by the politicians & the other human beings. If we talk about the endangered species in the zoos, then there exist both the merits & the demerits of the environment being offered to endangered species. Below is given the cons for the environment of the zoo offered to the endangered species.


1. It is unethical to hold any animal in the captivity

It is an ethical dilemma to hold any animal in the captivity. Different animals show different behaviors for the captive environment. The average house cat will thrive in such an environment. If it is the case of orcas, these animals do very poorly while they are living in the cage. There are many animals have evolved, in order to survive in a specific habitat, climate, and environment that unsuitable to the boundaries and inhibition made by captivity. Despite the fact that zoos are frequently trying to do their best effort to replicate the animals’ natural habitat, but still, many times this action has triggered some impacts on the well-being and behavior of the captivated animals (

2. Dependencies are created due to the breeding program

In a confined surrounding, the animals just try to adapt to the said environment. Many of them tend to make the transitions even in an environment where they cannot live by themselves. The species living out of the cage might be able to adjust as per the environment of the zoo. But the opposite case exists for the newborns. It is difficult for the newborns, which are born in captivity, to survive in an open environment. The main reason behind it is the dependencies which they had in the captivity.

3. Mostly the zoos are treated as the recreational places

At present, mostly the zoos are considered as the recreational places. It is a danger for the endangered species. Because the funds which are collected are more spent on the research work rather than maintain the life of the animals.