Excel 2019 Skillss Approach - Ch 3 Skill Review 3.2

Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Tittle: Discuss the existing challenges for real-time monitoring and control of smart grid applications.

Type: Courses

Subject: IT



The use of the smart grid is based on the different combination of the electrical networks, communication layers, information technology which is also the smart grid systems. The problem which is faced through the conventional gird system, like human faults, grid errors then use the technique of smart grid. The real time monitoring and control for the smart grid is provided which is based on the bidirectional communications. Though the smart gird is also improved the energy management, cost effectiveness, efficiency through the real time implementations. By using the remote cloud server the research is presented real time monitoring and control for the challenges of the smart grid (Kulkarni, 2019).

There are following key challenges for the smart grid;

• Strengthening the grid

• Enhanced intelligence

• Communications

• Integrating intermittent generation

• Moving offshore

• Capturing the benefits of DG and storage

• Preparing of plugin hybrid vehicles

• Advanced power system monitoring

Strengthening the grid

To interconnect the resources of energy there is sufficient transmission capacity, especially for renewable energy resources. Whereas the smart electric grid system is supposed to the most complex system on earth, for its complexity, vastness the inextricably is connected with development of human along with the involvement.

Enhanced intelligence

To developing the technology for the revolutionize of the smart grid power which is also speeding renewable electric energy in every home. In the below figure the storage of distributed energy devices is shown for resources of loop configurations which is also allows the flexible operations that is improve the supply reliability, and to protect FREEDM it is more challenging;

Figure: Electric grid diagrams conceptualizing FREEDM system


All the component of power system is integrated by the Smart grid, and it is also improved the performance of grid, where the component of integrations related with the communication system, business processes s, IT system. For smart grid the active grid management as well as real time data required the two way digital communication as well as fast.

Integrating intermittent generation

The other challenge for the smart grid application in the real time monitoring and control is this, where the economic dispatch prefers the minimum cots for the production of power in the electric power systems. To operating the power grid by high proportion generation which is also based on the renewable energy resources.