A Careless Zookeeper Named Blake Answers

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Story Writing
Attractiveness? What does this word mean? Many people consider this word in the wrong way while many don’t. It completely depends on the person to person. Attractiveness is a quality that becomes a cause of interest or having a desire for someone. The woman is a creature made by God who wants to make herself pretty and attractive so that she looks good and people talk about her. This is mostly done by young women and teenage girls.
Name of a young girl: Elizabeth
Name of a boy who falls for Elizabeth: John
Name of a devil: Zack
Weather was very pleasant, clouds were playing hide and seek with the sky. A cold breeze was touching the red cheeks of Elizabeth and her hair was moving in the direction of the cold breeze. Everyone was playing in the basketball court and so was she. She was one of the most active and prettiest girls John saw in the whole team. She was a cheerleader who used to smile always and never got irritated or hyper with any of the situations. He was sitting and witnessing her while she was busy in her basketball practice without even noticing me for once.
In his male idiotic way, He have to admit this unfortunately that the first thing which he noticed was her bum. She has a nice bum. He wouldn’t say here that her bum was like supermodels but yeah it was just a bum. Here he said that I must have to tell you that she maintained her personality and she was the most attractive one. Girls who play sports are not often cute and attractive but yes she was the one who had maintained her skin, hands, hair, and everything.
John’s attention was not really to just sit and notice her but he wanted to talk and know about her. He wanted to know what kind of person she is and what her hobbies are. Well, as time passed and they had their rest break she just came and sat next to me all of a sudden. What should he say here my luck or my wish got accepted? As soon as she was drinking water from her bottle he even noticed that she is the most beautiful girl on this planet having colored eyes. Here he came to know why young women need to be attractive and why they need to maintain themselves. So that boys can easily fall for them and love them at first sight. He didn’t mean here that they make them perfect only for men but every woman wants to look perfect in all the possible ways.
She looked at John and she passed on a smile, just a little smile with her cheeks glowing. He gained courage and said;
“Hello Miss”
She replied me back with a cute smile again and said;
“Hi, What’s up !?”
Well, he got confused for a moment because he couldn’t believe that the girl whom he was just watching some seconds before and had a wish to talk with is sitting next to me. Is this a miracle or what?
Next thing what he said to her was;
I am good, what about you? What is your name?
She replied to me her name is Elizabeth and she is a big fond of playing basketball, she is in this field since she was just 12 years old and now she is 24. She told him she wants to peruse it as her career. Playing this game gives her satisfaction and happiness.
She was talking and talking to him and they didn’t even realize that we spend almost an hour while talking and her rest break was almost finished. He asked her to have lunch with me after this practice and she said yes with all of a sudden.
He was waiting and waiting for the practice to get finished. As soon as she got free, both of the walked down to one of his favorite hotels for lunch. While walking she told me many things about her and she also said she likes my company. He was very happy as she was showing attention and care for me. He asked her how you manage to play basketball and get yourself so perfect and attractive at the same time. Her reply was;
Playing doesn’t mean to look messy and tidy. I am one of those girls who like to dress up and make myself perfect and attractive so that wherever I go, I look presentable. And I asked her how do you manage both and her answer was very simple that one should know how to manage things at a different time and same is the case with me, I know how this very well that if I look presentable it will make the reputation well of my team too. I just know how to carry things and how to manage them.
Both of us ordered food and while talking and talking we didn’t notice how much time we spent together. He fell in love with her but he didn’t realize this that if she is talking to him or having some chit chat doesn’t mean at all that she likes him too. We often forget that there are many other relationships apart from boyfriend and girlfriend. In the end, when John asked to bring a bill she all of a sudden took her purse out and paid her bill without letting me pay. He became shocked. She told him she liked the lunch and spending time with me as well but she likes to pay her bills on her own.
As soon as they left the hotel he suddenly saw a black car coming on our way and it stopped in front of them. The door opened and a very tall and handsome boy came out of the car. She giggled and ran towards him and kissed him with love and care. John got surprised and she told him that his name is Zack and he is her boyfriend. John was shattered at that moment. She introduced John to Zack as well and she told him she liked John’s company and they had a great time.
She said to John;