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Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Effectiveness of Online Dating
Ramesh Matcha
Grand Canyon University
Effectiveness of Online Dating
As social animals, humans seek companionships and camaraderie. In today’s fast pace life which is full of challenges and full of competition, many individuals desperately seeks socializing opportunities and trustable companionship. However, in a fast pace life and with self-centric people around you, it is not easy to find trustable and desired social partners. The online dating sites address this issue and help individuals to find social partners with desirable characteristics. It is exceptionally easy and convenient to find someone who has the similar interests, values, beliefs, and preferences. Some users are very happy and satisfied with the use of online dating services because they found the partner of their choice and developed a satisfying relation. Based on intensive research and observations, Finkel and associates (2012) have developed a comprehensive report explaining in detail the advantages and disadvantages of online dating services (Eli J. Finkel, 2012). The parameters for their study included access, matching, and communication. Overall, they have found the dating services to be better than traditional dating services. Tough many users find online dating service Satisfying, Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., the attraction doctor, explains that users of online dating don’t have uniform experiences (Nicholson, 2014). In some people, confusion and frustration increases due to use of online dating sites. In his article published in the daily mail, Phoebe stated that relationship chemistry is too complex to be predicted by algorithms and formulas used in dating sites (Weston, 2017). The bad results increase disappointment and frustration among the users of dating sites as they repeatedly fail to find true love through dating sites. Mark Webster (2015) criticizes online dating sites have decimated the real joy of dating. Furthermore, it has also negative consequences on the social life of married people. One shouldn’t take for granted that online sites are the best means to find good partners. Although people can find many partners through dating sites, the quality of relationship will mainly depend upon personal dating goals not on the use of dating sites.
Research Question
Based on this discussion, it is necessary to investigate the satisfaction level of users of different ages with the use of social sites. It would give us a new insight into the factors that that causes satisfaction and dissatisfaction about dating sites among people of different ages. Therefore, my research question is “Among people of different age groups, what factors are the determinants of satisfaction with the use of online dating services?” To investigate this research question, I have identified ten sources which are all less than five years old. The details of sources are given in references. Permalink have been added to the referencing. By simply clicking on any source, it will take the user to the source.