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Tittle: Essay on the Queen Cleopatra

Type: Essay

Subject: History


Assignment: ABC


The image shows the power and hold of Egyptian queen Cleopatra who ruled in Egypt around 69 B.C. She was very powerful lady as well as had strong foundation in the sense of politics. She was in the power by her birth. A queen who did control and handle virtually the whole eastern Mediterranean coast. The picture shows her power in the picture that how lewd she was as well as always wants fun in life. In the picture, she is looking at the people who are asking for help from her but she is enjoying to see them in this situation. This picture really tells so many things about Cleopatra that written and mentioned in the history as well as shown in the TV series as well as in the historical movies and documentaries. She did a strong hold in all of the Egyptian territories in the eastern side. Furthermore, the picture also shows that she was a lover of designs and made the beautiful empire.

The picture is actually a painting of Cleopatra which is painted by Alexandre Cabanel in the year of 1987 as well as the painting is in koninklijk museum voor schone kunsten Antwerpen with the accession number of 1505. The title of this painting is Cleopatra. The painting image is also an ancient picture that is providing the beautiful over scenery view of olden Egyptian times when Cleopatra ruled in Egypt as well as in the relationship with caesarian and her brother and mark Antony.

Some similarities were found between the nineteenth century painting of Cleopatra as well as the ancient Arabic, Roman and Greek sources. The first thing I did found they almost all same in the building infrastructure and Greek and romans as well as the Arabic empire more focused on the development to make their empire beautiful. If we see the historical places and picture to find the similarities according the picture, the greeks, Arabic as well as romans wanted the power around the world.

Some aspects of about the Cleopatra reputation, I did not saw or found in the picture are that she is lewd but picture did not show her historical reputation like her lovers, mates as well as her personal life’s aspects. She always wanted to be in the power and for the sake of this purpose, she did use many of men like Julius Guise Caesar, her brother as well as in the last Mark Antony. She did marry with many men even with her brother as well as the Egyptians did not look her with respect due to her reputation. She did use and do everything to get even more power as well as to make a complete hold on the eastern territories of the Egypt. She had two children. She even died during the voyage by putting asp in her breast.