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Tittle: Review of The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College

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The book titled “The Graduate Survival Guide: 5 Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make in College” was written by a young professional Anthony ONeal who has collaborated along with Rachel Cruze, a personal finance expert. Anthony ONeal who has ranked as the best-selling author by the New York Times worked along with Cruze, with a purpose to help out the teenagers to create smart financial decisions that would positively influence their future results.

In this book, ONeal has identified and explained five mistakes for all the students to perform during their college days. In fact, he has provided the readers with realistic true stories that came from his own life experience and also clipped on others’ experience regarding financial management. He has clearly mentioned that he created this valuable book to help the college students to realize that these mistakes are not as simple as they might think. In actual fact, even though they might unable to feel the negative impacts during college days, but these mistakes will definitely impact them in the future. Thus, “The Graduate Survival Guide” created to guide the students to practice the habits of healthy money to secure them from the appealing of debt, plan their expenses, save more money, avoid those enticing students’ loans, and also give the cash payment for their college fee. Here are the five big mistakes during college that presented by ONeal:

1. The students’ loans

ONeal has described that almost all of college students never have any idea what the students’ loans actually are, nor knowing that these students’ loans are bad alternatives to pay off the college fee. He has explained as well that once a college student decided to take a loan, then he or she would always have to pay a quite lot of money due to the interest rate. Hence, ONeal stated that no matter which type of student loan that you are taking, it will only give you a terrible situation in paying for your college expenditures. The reason is obvious, a debt will require you to return the money back more than the amount you borrowed. At this point, Cruze has added information that most college students graduate with an average of $37,000 in their loan debt. For this, she has clearly advised that there are lots of other alternatives instead of the debt available for college students such as scholarships or some work-study programs.

2. Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most appealing thing for college students. The reason might be because there is a myth believed that we all need an adult needs a credit card to build up a credit score, which will support them in the future. Furthermore, ONeal also has stated that for more than decades, our society has assumed that debit or credit cards are the best ways of enjoying their lives. This statement was totally rejected by ONeal by saying that we can live easily with no burden derived from the debt payments. In addition to this, the way the credit card companies have been frequently promising with promotions such as a free T-shirt or a free pizza has attracted the hungry college students. This has proposed by ONeal as a debt trap which has been enticing those college students to make another big mistake.