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Tittle: Report on Compare and Contrast for Supply Chain Management of Albaik, Almarai and Emirates Airline

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Supply chain management




Compare and Contrast for Supply Chain Management of Albaik, Almarai and Emirates Airline

Introduction/Background of Supply Chain Management of Albaik, Almarai and Emirates Airline

 There are so many important elements attached to a business organization, but one crucial element is its supply chain management. Regardless of the size of an organization, the supply chain management is critical in so many ways. It is a process where it is ensured that a product has reached its final destination, and customers can purchase it. It would be good to understand the concept with an example. If a company has introduced a new product, which is needed by the customers and they badly want it. The company has done extensive marketing to market the product, and customers have seen so much that now they are eager to buy the product, so they go to nearby shops or stores, etc. to buy the product, but they found it that product is yet not available (Forceintellect, 2018). It means that the supply chain management of the company was failed to deliver the product to its final customers, whereas so many promises were made through advertising. This kind of thing adds a bad taste to customers about a company and so they look for alternative companies, who fulfill their demands. It means that having a product with extensive marketing is not good enough; rather making sure that the product is also reached to its final destination, otherwise, customers won’t be happy with the company (Teeboom, 2018). In this paper, SCM of three companies would be analyzed to review their performance and give some recommendations.

 In some cases, a product demand increases due to its popularity, and then supply should be increased with quick methods so that demand is satisfied, and this can only be done with the help of an effective supply chain management. When demand is increasing and suppliers are asking for more supply in time, then a proper SCM system would allow a company to manage increased demands, because they have good inventory as well as operations along with better logistics. The production units should be informed in time to produce the product as per demand, and once the product is ready, it should be sent to the required sales points as soon as possible. This balance of demand and supply is essential for the success of a company otherwise customers will not be satisfied as I would be a bad experience for them. It is the responsibility of a business organization to make its products available in the market, otherwise, advertising won’t help. So, supply chain management is one of the critical operations of a company to gain long term and sustainable success (Min, Zacharia, & Smith, 2019)

Overview of Albaik, Almarai and Emirates Airline and their Supply Chain Management

 There are so many famous fast food brands in the Middle East and one of the famous local brands from Saudi Arabia is Albaik. The company’s history dates back to 1974 when it started its business operations from Jeddah city. The concept of Broast Chicken was first introduced by Albaik in Saudi Arabia. Albaik was the one, which came up with the first Broast Restaurant in the country. This was just the beginning and Albaik never looked back ever since and had grown up as one of the best in the fast-food market in Saudi Arabia. The iconic logo of the company was developed in 1986, which has been modified twice until now. The company was invited by the Saudi government in 1998 to participate in the food service for Hajj Season, and they are handling these operations during Hajj on a not-for-profit basis since then (LovinSaudi, 2017). Almarai is another famous Middle Eastern company coming from Saudi Arabia, and it is involved in the food & beverage business. The company started its operations in 1976, and it was founded by Prince Sultan Ben Saoud. The company has been involved in a different kind of business such as dairy business, bakery products as well as poultry products. As far as the dairy business is concerned, it is one of the largest in Saudi Arabia. The company has a great market share as well as market value in the whole Gulf regions, and their popularity has been on the rise. In 2015, the market value of the company was more than $12b (Maher, 2015)

 When it comes to talking about famous and top airlines in the world, Emirates Airlines comes to mind as they have gained so much success and reputation over the years. The company started its operations in 1985 when they just had two aircraft. This was just the beginning of a company, which was going to become one of the top airlines in the world. This incredible journey of Emirates continued and currently, they have 265 aircraft, covering more than 80 countries and 155 destinations are covered in these countries (The Emirates Group, 2019). This small company staring from the UAE has become a huge success all around the globe. Every week, more than 1500 planes fly from Dubai airport, which shows the huge scale of its business. The company has been voted to get an award of “Airline of the Year” several times and it has won several other