Amu Math 110 Week 7 Test Answers

Posted By Admin @ Mar 02, 2022

Tittle: Are you surprise that an organization as large as Volkswagen was caught engaging in such unethical behavior? Do you agree that the organization’s structure could have encouraged this behavior?

Type: Case Study

Subject: Organizations


Answer: If we view on the reputation that has gained by Volkswagen, it is quite surprising how this huge company could have engaged in this unethical behavior with its "defeat device" which causes severe health concerns. In my opinion, the main reason might be due to Volkswagen does not have enough qualified engineers to implement proper technology. Another reason, the company might has a shortage of budget which force the engineers to implement the inadequate technology. This was approved with research made by which presented that this unethical business-standard appeared due to the inadequacy technology that prompted thus large company to cheat in the emission test. The research also has mentioned that the substantial reason that forced those Volkswagen’s engineers was due to the company was experiencing shortage of adequate technology, which made those engineers were incapable to achieve the emission standards certified by the United States along with the fact that there was also limited budget for this as well (Mansouri, 2016).

Q2. Moving forward, what do you think Volkswagen needs to do to avoid such an ethical lapse in the future?

In order to avoid such an ethical break in the future, Volkswagen should provide the best technological facilities along with R & D support to all of its engineers so that they would able to avoid this such case. In addition to this, this famous and huge company also should provide proper training for all of its employees to make sure that they would be qualified and get the proper knowledge on the methods to make sure that all of the vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen would meet the emission standard requirement from the Government of the United States. By doing these, Volkswagen would be able to save the company’s reputation and also avoid the loss for the company itself, plus, the company would also get back the trust from its loyal customers to purchase its ethical vehicles.