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Ark of Bones

Characterization is a thing that explains the characters of a personality that describes its character physically. In this story, Henry Dumas explains a person whose name is the head eye, which is discussed in this story. The author of the story has used figurative language to explain the persons that are discussed in the story. The whole story is focused on the characterization of the person physically. There has been a difference in explaining the character of a person instead of explaining differently and appealingly. The author has utilized imagery in a very innovative and unique way that makes the work more realistic and understandable. If you explain someone’s character very efficiently then it becomes efficient and convenient for the other people to study its characteristics properly and efficiently.

 The figure of speech is important because it makes it easy for you to understand the importance and about the nature of the person, you are going to interact with them. The head eye in this story is a character who is criticized and being noticed because of his big size of eyes. People use to mock him because of this as this is not his fault but he cannot do anything in this aspect. The authors’ use of metaphors regarding the persons along with their identifications and including they’re all other physical aspects as well. The other physical feature of the Head eye includes the big size head along with having aggressive nature and every much crazy attitude as well. He was considered to be the ugliest guy along with having an aspect of depicting the senses in a unique and perspective way.

He has horrible looks but besides these, he has a very kind-hearted and soft nature person. He uses to do many different and positive nature habits that made him very much loved and respectful to those who were helped by him. He was also called but some other stupid names as well like Eagle-eye. In the story, the use of metaphors, hyperbole, and simile can be easily seen. He was not a bad person but he was famous as a bad person don’t know why but it’s the truth. There may be something that makes him weird that he uses to collect unusual and rough items to the backyard or backside of the school and also bring them to the cotton patch near to his home. Don’t know why he did this but this was an unusual habit. He was after that don’t know but his habits were unique and alarming the same kinds as he uses to pick those materials which are out of reach and sometimes that kind of material which shouldn’t be in reach of anyone.

This guy has some crazy acts as they do not be noticed efficiently and effectively. In this story, there has been using imagery and figurative language, which is another sign of representing the characteristics of a person through a story. The use of imagery and figurative language in this story is used well, but there have been different aspects that anyone will be able to get the exact ideas about the actual things of that story. Learning other's characters is something essential in some way or another so it turns out to be simple for you to comprehend the significance and about the idea of the individual, you will cooperate with them. The head eye in this story is a character who is condemned and being seen as a result of his huge size of eyes.