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Tittle: Case Study on the Manager’s Job in An Organization






1. Job requirements of The Manager’s Job in An Organization:

A manager’s job is a sensitive part of any organization, which is based on the different responsibilities to perform in the organization.

Being a manager in ABC organization, I had to perform the following roles and responsibilities:

• I am required to perform different roles in one situation.

• I am supposed to be a planner, coordinator, producer, or marketer of the organization to deal with the people or stakeholders of the business.

• I have always required the diverse bundle of skills that he could use in the strategies of the organization to make his organization as one of the best in the market.

• As concerned with the job description of my role as a manager, it greatly depends upon the fieldwork which has to perform by me as a manager.

• For the business of hotels and restaurants, I was required to be qualified in a bachelor degree off hotel and management, but in common experienced, it has been seen that the employees get experience in the relevant field and then get a job of management.

• There should be proper qualities of management as well as personal qualities such as looking and manners etc.

• I was required to possess professional skills such as leadership skills, time management, budgeting, analytical skills, decision making, and communication skills as well.

As a manager is always considered as a pivotal figure in the creation of wealth; therefore, he is considered to be the most important person in the organization who has to make the policies in the management of any organization (D. M. Cable & Judge, 2003).

2. Interaction with others from inside and outside the organization

While working with an organization, I have to deal with the different people in and outside the organization who are known as stakeholders. Stakeholders are the persons who are being affected by the policies or work of the organization in a negative or positive way. Furthermore, I did realize that I was as the manager did make the interaction with the employees from inside and outside the organization. It was necessary because the internal and external stakeholders inside or outside the company faced some difficulties with performing their tasks well. Once the employees and the middle line managers were stuck in the regulations of the policies, then I, as a manager had to interact with them regulate the policies by reducing the conflicts in the employee-manager relations. For the purpose of knowing about the relation, I am supposed to complete an analysis of stakeholders that how it is being influenced by the organization with the activities done by the organization. It is also an essential part of my job that it should be analyzed by the managers how the stakeholders are being connected with the organization. As if we take the example of stakeholder of a public health center, the following are the internal and external stakeholders of my organization:

Internal stakeholder External stakeholder

• Board of director of the public health department

• Head of the department

• Director of the nursing

• Public health analyst

• Research scientist

• Communication department

• Trustee of the health department

• Board of director • Local authority

• Providers of services

• Patients

• Customers and suppliers

• Donors

• Health visitor

• Media

• The workforce of public health

3. Describe the principle characteristics of these individuals or groups

The stakeholders of the public health sectors are discussed above, who have a direct influence on the management of the organization. There are different stakeholders who are influencing the activities of my organization, but here is a list of five to six stakeholders who are being affected by the organization directly or indirectly:

• Head of the health department

The head of the department is a board, which has to make policies and regulate the policies in public health. The basic characteristics of the health department are that the people who have clinical issues will have to visit these stations, and it prevails in all around the world. If the hospitals are not making a good performance, it will have a negative influence on the head of the department as it is not along with the good reputation of the public health department.

• Patients

Patients are the people who have to come to the hospitals to get treated by the medical professional to get rid of their diseases. If the health department is regulating the policies in a good way, it will be a good impact on the people. When the policies of the medical department are going ineffective, it could be easy for the patient to get benefits from it.

• Health department analyst

The duty of analysts is to provide the fair position of the statement, which could be related to the improvement of health and creating a new vision for the department to make better treatment for some existing issues. The potential role of the analyst is to promote the department as a better source in the capacity building of the department as they provide true information about the workplace. It also has basic access to the leading authorities of the department, which are responsible for making the policies.