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Title: Report on Augustus of Prima Porta

Type: Report

subject: Education


Augustus of Prima Porta

Assignment: ABC


1) What is the title of the piece and who is the artist or architect (if possible)?

2) What civilization and what time period does this art represent?

3) Why were the piece created and what medium(s) were used in its creation?

4) How does this piece of art or architecture reflect the values of the civilization that created it?"


This report is about the August of Prima Porta, a sculpture. The report is telling that who the artist is and what title and of the piece was at that time. The complete history of piece is also discussed in as well as the pottery capability painted vessels or vases which are essential structure of the tombs. During the architecture, the difficulties, ideas or material types are also highlighted. Mainly, the report covers some significant questions such as what is the title of piece and who is the artist, what civilization as well as when it was created as well as what kind of materials and were used in the architecture.

What is the title of the piece and who is the artist or architect (if possible)?

The finely painted vessels which have different kind of shapes, they are named as vases” by convention, and the number of complete surviving pieces are 100,000 and these are unparalleled type of insights to understand the Greek lifestyle. The architectural pottery or sculptural pottery has also been painted in addition to that, and it is referred to be terracotta’s. Moreover, its quantity is also in large numbers. When literature is reviewed in detail, the pottery has been painted with the vases or vessels. It is important to mention here that in terms of deposit of grave goods structure, the pottery was an essential part of it, and it was taken as “funerary urns, which has contained cremated ashes. This has also been exported in large numbers.

There was a unique as well as famous Greek vase painting, which has been shown by the sturdy outlines, and there were skinny strains inside the outlines. This trend had reached at its peak during the era of 600 till the era of 350 BC. There were two most popular styles, one was red figure and the other was black figure painting. It is important to mention here that other colors were also used, but their use was limited, and some of them were white, whereas few others were purplish red. So, variety of colors was limited. These strategies were great for the vase painters, as they were able to come up with great results, where they combined powerful and refined expressions (Squire, 2013).

When it comes to talk about important activities about the creativity of Greek, the Archaic & Geometric phases with the massive metallic vessels’ manufacturing was a great thing. This activity was also great to improve the level of working technique of bronze such as repose hammering and casting. There were much early kinds of sanctuaries such as Olympia, and various sacrificial tripod vessels or tripod-bowl, which were in bronze, but when they were deposited, they were votive. There were three legs for them with a shallow bowl, which was highly raised by the two handles. It is important to know that at the start of the Orientalizing period, the figural promotes were used to adorn the tripods.